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All abstracts by Ralf Tiedemann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Response of the Tropical Ocean-Atmosphere System to High-Latitude Forcing during Dansgaard-Oeschger Events
Zhuravleva A, Hüls M, Tiedemann R & Bauch HA

(2019) Carbonate Chemsitry Evolution in the Deep South Pacific and the Deglacial Release of CO2
Roberts J, Misra S, Rae J, Skinner L, Butzin M, Grotheer H, Shuttleworth R, Mollenhauer G, Bijma J, Tiedemann R & Lamy F

(2017) The Polar Oceans and Atmospheric CO2
Haug G, Martinez-Garcia A, Studer A, Ren A, Hain M, Jaccard S, Tiedemann R & Sigman D

(2017) Subantarctic Pacific Iron Fertilization during the Last Ice Age
Martinez-Garcia A, Sigman D, Lamy F, Studer A, Tiedemann R & Haug G

(2015) Evolution of the SW Pacific Across the Last Glacial Cycle: Insights from 230Th Normalized Export Production Fluxes
Meier B, Jaccard S, Lippold J & Tiedemann R

(2015) Release of Pre-Aged Terrestrial Organic Matter from the Amur Watershed during Deglacial Permafrost Thaw Revealed by Compound-Specific 14C Analysis
Mollenhauer G, Dummann W, Winterfeld M, Hefter J, Lembke-Jene L & Tiedemann R

(2012) The Pliocene Closure of the Central American Seaway: Reconstructing Surface-, Intermediate- and Deep-Water Connections
Osborne A, Frank M & Tiedemann R

(2012) Pliocene Warmth: Ocean Gateways and Polar Oceans
Haug GH, Sigman DM & Tiedemann R

(2011) Is TEX86 Paleothermometry Applicable in the Polar Regions?
Ho SL, Fietz S, Rueda G, Martinez-Garcia A, Mollenhauer G, Rosell-Mele A, Lamy F, Ruggieri N & Tiedemann R

(2011) The Evolution of Surface, Intermediate and Deep Water Connections during the Closure of the Central American Seaway
Osborne A, Frank M & Tiedemann R

(2011) Reconstruction of Permanent Thermocline Temperatures in the Atlantic during Heinrich Stadial 1
Groeneveld J, Chiessi C, Mackensen A & Tiedemann R

(2011) Glacial to Interglacial Changes in the Carbonate Ion Signature of Deep and Intermediate Water Masses in the Southern Ocean
Kersten F & Tiedemann R

(2009) Are Glacials (Interglacial) in the Easternmost Pacific Ocean Drier (Wetter) during the Last 300 000 Years?
Rincón Martínez D, Contreras S, Lamy F & Tiedemann R

(2009) Plio-Pleistocene Changes in SE Trade Wind Strength and South American Rainfall – Implications for ITCZ Movements and Long-Term El Niño Behavior
Lamy F, Rincon-Martinez D, Saukel C, Steph S, Sturm A, Etourneau J & Tiedemann R

(2002) D44Ca, δ18O and Mg/Ca Ratios Reveal Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) Variations during the Emergence of the Central American Isthmus
Gussone N, Eisenhauer A, Haug G, Tiedemann R, Müller A & Heuser A

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