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All abstracts by Ellen Thomas in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Interrogating the Paleocene Palaeoclimate Paradox
Henehan M, Barnet J, Planavsky N, Littler K, Hain M, Thomas E, Özen V, von Blanckenburg F & Hull P

(2018) Foraminiferal I/Ca Results from the Benguela Upwelling System
Lu W, Dickson A, Thomas E, Rickaby R & Lu Z

(2018) NORTH ATLANTIC SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES SINCE THE EARLY MIOCENE North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures Since the Early Miocene
Super J, O'Brien C, Thomas E, Huber M, Pagani M & Hull P

(2018) Late Oligocene Warming: Constraints from TEX86-derived Sea Surface Temperature Proxy Records
O'Brien C, Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P

(2017) A North Atlantic TEX86 and Uk’37 Sea Surface Temperature Transect Across the Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum
Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P

(2015) Source and Magnitude of Carbon Release Associated with the PETM
Gutjahr M, Sexton PF, Ridgwell A, Anagnostou E, Pearson PN, Pälike H, Norris RD, Thomas E & Foster GL

(2015) Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The History of Palaeocene Ocean pH
Henehan M, Hull P, Planavsky N, Thomas E & Özen V

(2014) The Two Newberry Crater Lakes, OR: Subaqueous Sources of Hg and As
Varekamp J, Lefkowitz J & Thomas E

(2014) The CCD in the Latest Maastrichtian: Implications for Global Carbon Cycle Resilience to the K/Pg Impact and Associated Extinctions
Ridgwell A, Green S, Schmidt D, Thomas E, Kirtland S & Pälike H

(2014) The Urban Geochemistry of Wethersfield Cove, Hartford, CT
Varekamp J, Owrang S, Martini A, Woodruff J, Thomas E & Kruge M

(2014) The Human Footprint on Long Island Sound, an Urban Estuary
Thomas E, Varekamp J, Altabet M, Cooper S, Sangiorgi F & Donders T

(2014) Long-Term Stability of the Carbonate Compensation Depth Across the Late Paleocene-Early Eocene Warming Trend
Greene SE, Ridgwell AJ, Kirtland Turner S, Schmidt DN, Pälike H & Thomas E

(2013) I/Ca Evidence for Upper Ocean Deoxygenation during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Lu Z, Thomas E, Zhou X, Rickaby R & Winguth A

(2011) Quantifying Ocean Acidification during the Palaeogene Hyperthermals
Foster L, Schmidt D, Ridgwell A, Thomas E, Coath C, Hinton R & Scott T

(2008) Constraints on the Carbon Cycle Changes during the PETM
Schmidt DN, Ridgwell A, Kasemann S & Thomas E

(2002) Paleoceanographic Proxies in Long Island Sound, CT, USA
Thomas E, Lugolobi F & Varekamp J

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