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All abstracts by Rex N. Taylor in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Drastic Changes in Subduction Flux Following Subduction Inception
Ishizuka O, Taylor RN, Umino S & Kanayama K

(2015) Progressive Mixed-Magma Recharging of Izu-Oshima Volcano, Japan: Implicationd for Crustal Development in Island Arcs
Ishizuka O, Geshi N, Taylor R, Oikawa T, Kawanabe Y & Ogitsu I

(2011) Tracking the Magmatic Evolution of an Island Arc Volcano: Insights from a High-Precision Pb Isotope Record of Montserrat, Lesser Antilles
Cassidy M, Taylor R, Palmer M & Trofimovs J

(2010) Enrichment of Gold in Oceanic Crust by the Iceland Mantle Plume: Constraints from the Reykjanes Ridge
Webber A, Roberts S, Taylor R & Pitcairn I

(2009) From Arthur Holmes to Harry Hess: How Melting of the Mantle Controls Amagmatic Crustal Accretion
Unsworth S, Murton B & Taylor R

(2009) Spatial and Temporal Variability of Magmatism at the Northern End of the Mariana Trough – Interactions between Arc Magmatism and Nascent Rifting
Ishizuka O, Yuasa M, Tamura Y, Shukuno H, Stern RJ, Taylor RN, Joshima M & Naka J

(2003) Pb Isotope Constraints on the Source of Boninite and Arc Magmatism in the Bonin Islands, Japan
Taylor R, Ishizuka O & Macpherson C

(2003) Along-Arc Geochemical Variation of the Southern Izu-Bonin Arc – Transition from the Izu-Bonin to Mariana Arc -
Ishizuka O, Taylor R, Yuasa M, Milton J, Nesbitt R & Uto K

(2002) Interlab Comparison of Double Spike Lead Isotope Ratios for Basaltic Standards
Dosso L, Taylor R & Ishizuka O

(2002) Fluid-Mantle Interaction in an Intra-Oceanic Arc: Constraints from High-Precision Pb Isotopes
Ishizuka O, Taylor R, Milton A & Nesbitt R

(2002) Plutonium and Uranium Isotope Ratio Measurement by MC-ICP-MS
Taylor R, Warneke T, Croudace I, Milton A & Warwick P

(2000) Measurement of Pu Isotopes at Ultra-Trace Levels Using Multi-Collector ICP-MS
Milton JA, Taylor R, Warneke T, Nesbitt R, Croudace I & Warwick P

(2000) Coupled He-Pb Isotope Relationships along the Reykjanes Ridge with Implications for Plume Structure and the Helium-Paradox
Hilton DR, Thirlwall MF, Taylor RN & Murton BJ

(2000) Spatial and Temporal Variation of Back-Arc Volcanism in the Izu-Bonin Arc – Chemical Variation in Relation to Volcano-Tectonic History
Ishizuka O, Nesbitt RW, Taylor RN, Yuasa M, Uto K & Hochstaedter AG

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