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All abstracts by Marco Taviani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Boron Isotope Systematics of Calcitic Gorgonian Corals and their Response to Ocean Acidification
Trotter J, Thresher R, Montagna P, Taviani M & McCulloch M

(2011) Boron Isotope Systematics of pH Regulation in Cold-Water Corals and Resilience to Ocean Acidification
Trotter J, McCulloch M, Montagna P, Lopez Correa M, Taviani M & Forsterra G

(2011) Recent and Fossil Chemosynthetic Endosymbioses
Dreier A, Blumenberg M, Taviani M, Stannek L & Hoppert PDM

(2011) Neodymium Isotopic Composition of Gorgonian Corals as Reliable Tool to Reconstruct Water Mass Circulation
Montagna P, Lopez Correa M, Goldstein S, McCulloch M, Freiwald A, Taviani M, Trotter J & Raddatz J

(2010) Microbial Activity in Terrestrial Mud Volcanoes from the Northern Apennines
Hoppert M, Dreier A, Heller C, Kokoschka S, Krukenberg V, Reitner J, Taviani M & Wrede C

(2010) Microbial Ecology of Terrestrial Methane-Emitting Mud Volcanoes in Italy
Heller C, Blumenberg M, Reimer A, Wrede C, Hoppert M, Taviani M & Reitner J

(2009) First Results of Geo- and Biochemical Analyses of Terrestrial Methane-Emittingen Mud Volcanoes in Italy
Heller C, Blumenberg M, Dreier A, Wrede C, Zilla T, Kokoschka S, Heim C, Hoppert M, Taviani M & Reitner J

(2009) An Improved Sampling Method for Coral P/Ca as a Nutrient Proxy
Montagna P, McCulloch M, Taviani M, Trotter J, Silenzi S & Mazzoli C

(2006) Proliferation and demise of Mediterranean deep-sea corals
McCulloch M, Taviani M, Montagna P, Mortimer G & Remia A

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