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All abstracts by Yuanzhi Tang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Compound-Specific Degradation of Phosphorus Sources by the Marine Diatoms Thalassiosira spp.
Holland A, Sanders J, Mollett D, Duhamel S, Tang Y & Diaz J

(2017) Understanding the Structure-Reactivity Relationship of Mn Oxides Toward Contaminant Sequestration
Tang Y, Zhao S, Wan B, Zhu M, Chen S & Hansel C

(2017) Tales from the Crypt(ic): The Phantoms of the Nitrogen Cycle
Glass J, Cavazos A, Stanton C, Tang Y, Taillefert M, Stewart F & Ostrom N

(2017) Marine Polyphosphate: Linking the Global Phosphorus Cycle over Modern and Geologic Timescales
Diaz JM, Tang Y, Huang R, Wan B, Sanders JG, Bulski K & Mollett D

(2016) The Effect of High Amplitude Redox Cycles on Soil Fe Reduction Rates and Mineral Composition
Ginn B, Meile C, Tang Y & Thompson A

(2016) Microbial Metabolite Promoted Dissolution and Transformation of Mixed chromium(III)-iron(III) (Oxy)hydroxides
Saad E & Tang Y

(2014) Elemental, Isotopic, and Particle Fingerprinting of Dust Sources in the San Francisco Peaks, Arizona, USA
Saad E, Ketterer M & Tang Y

(2012) Cr(III) Oxidation by Biogenic Maganese Oxides
Tang Y & Hansel C

(2012) X-Ray Pair Distribution Function and NMR Studies of Biogenic Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Reeder R, Schmidt M, Kubista L, Tang Y & Phillips B

(2010) Macroscopic and Microscopic Dissolution Behavior of FeCO3 in the Presence of Chromium
Tang Y & Martin S

(2009) Zinc Incorporation into Hydroxylapatite
Tang Y, Reeder R & Lee Y

(2008) Oxidation of Uranium Oxide Aerosol Particles in the Near-Surface Environment
Arnason J, Lloyd NS, Parrish R, Tang Y & Reeder R

(2008) Structure Investigation of Cr(III)-Fe(III)-Oxyhydroxides
Tang Y, Michel FM, Parise JB & Reeder RJ

(2008) Spectroscopic Investigation of Heavy Metal Incorporation into Hydroxylapatite
Lee YJ, Tang Y & Reeder R

(2007) Enhanced Uranium Sorption on Alumina Through Surface Modification
Tang Y & Reeder R

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