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All abstracts by Mao Tang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Giant-Impact Origin of Primitive Mantle Heterogeneities
Tang M, Zhou Y & Liu Y

(2019) Equilibrium Carbon Isotope Fractionations between Silicate Melts and Iron Melts
Tang M, Yang Y & Liu Y

(2018) Triple Oxygen Isotope Fractionation during Phosphoric Acid Digestion of Carbonates
Tang M, Zhang S & Liu Y

(2016) Kinetic Si Isotope Fractionation Factors in Chert Formation Processes
Tang M, He H, Zhang S & Liu Y

(2015) Kinetic Si Isotope Fractionation Parameters in Weathering Processes
Tang M, He H-T, Zhang S-T & Liu Y

(2014) Theoretical Calibration on the 13C-18O Clumped Isotope Thermometer
Tang M, Zhang S, Liu Q & Liu Y

(2013) Theoretical Calibration of ╬┤<sub>47</Sub> Values of 13C-18O Clumps for Carbonates
Tang M, Zhang S-T & Liu Y

(2011) Re-evaluation of the B Isotopic Fractionation between B(OH)3 and B(OH)4- Using Methods Beyond Harmonic Level
Tang M, Liu Q & Liu Y

(2010) Re-checking of the B Isotope Paleo-pH Indicator
Tang M, Liu Q & Liu Y

(2009) The Equilibrium Mo Isotope Fractionations between (Fe, Mn)-oxyhydroxides and Mo Species in Aqueous Solutions
Tang M & Liu Y

(2008) Equilibrium Fe Isotope Fractionations in Solutions
Tang M & Liu Y

(2007) Re-evaluation of the Equilibrium Fe Isotope Fractionation between Fe3+(H2O)6 and Fe2+(H2O)6 in Aqueous Solution
Tang M & Liu Y

(2006) Iron isotopic fractionations between species in solution - from ab initio quantum chemistry calculations
Liu Y & Tang M

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