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All abstracts by Yoshihiko Tamura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Andesite Magmas are Produced along Oceanic Arcs Where the Crust is Thin: A New Hypothesis
Tamura Y

(2015) Geochemical Variation of Izu Rear-Arc Volcanic Rocks at Drill Site U1437: Results from IODP Expedition 350
Sato T, Tamura Y, Miyazaki T, Horie K, Gill JB, Hamelin C, Senda R, Vaglarov BS, Haraguchi S, Chang Q, Kimura J-I & Iodp Expedition 350 S

(2015) Bulk-Rock and Mineral Major Element Chemistries of the Pacific Crust Subducting into the Izu-Bonin Trench
Abe N, Kaneko R, Castillo PR, Straub S, Durkin K, Garcia E, Yan Q & Tamura Y

(2015) Geochemical Variation of the Pacific Crust Subducting beneath the Izu-Bonin Arc and its Implications for the Generation of Arc Magmas
Durkin K, Castillo P, Straub S, Abe N, Garcia E, Yan Q, Kaneko R & Tamura Y

(2013) Mission Invisible: Residual Mantle Wedge Contains Phlogopite?
Tamura Y, Ishizuka O & Stern R

(2012) The Role of Water in the Petrogenesis of Arc Magmas from SW Japan
Zellmer G, Sakamoto N, Iizuka Y, Miyoshi M, Tamura Y & Yurimoto H

(2012) Primitive Submarine Basalts and Three Primary Magma Types from Pagan, Mariana Arc
Tamura Y, Ishizuka O, Stern R, Nunokawa A, Shukuno H, Kawabata H, Embley R, Bloomer S, Nichols A & Tatsumi Y

(2011) Mantle Diapir or Mantle Wedge Plume of NW Rota-1 Volcano, Mariana Arc
Tamura Y, Ishizuka O, Stern R, Shukuno H, Kawabata H, Embley R, Hirahara Y, Chang Q, Kimura J, Tatsumi Y, Nunokawa A & Bloomer S

(2009) Spatial and Temporal Variability of Magmatism at the Northern End of the Mariana Trough – Interactions between Arc Magmatism and Nascent Rifting
Ishizuka O, Yuasa M, Tamura Y, Shukuno H, Stern RJ, Taylor RN, Joshima M & Naka J

(2008) Primary Andesite Melts; New Insight from NW Rota-1 Volcano
Tamura Y, Shaw A, Ishizuka O, Shukuno H & Kawabata H

(2007) Silicic Magmas in the Izu-Bonin Oceanic Arc and Implications for Crustal Evolution
Tamura Y, Kodaira S, Ishizuka O, Kawabata H, Suzuki T, Chang Q & Tatsumi Y

(2006) Wet and dry basalt magma evolution in Torishima volcano, Izu-Bonin arc, Japan: the possible role of phengite
Tamura Y, Tani K, Chang Q, Shukuno H, Kawabata H & Fiske R

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