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All abstracts by Masaaki Takahashi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) 36Cl Ages and Origins of Deep Saline Groundwater in the Ishikari Lowland and the Tsugaru Plain, Japan
Tosaki Y, Morikawa N, Kazahaya K, Takahashi HA, Yasuhara M, Takahashi M & Inamura A

(2016) Origin of Deep Saline Groundwater Based on Halogen Composition in Tohoku
Togo Y, Kazahaya K, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Morikawa N, Tosaki Y, Sato T & Horiguchi K

(2016) Decrease of Iodine Isotope Ratio Observed in Crater Lake and Geothermal Area at Zao Volcano, Japan
Matsunaka T, Sasa K, Takahashi T, Matsumura M, Sueki K, Goto A, Watanabe T, Tuchiya N, Hirano N, Kuri M, Takahashi M, Kazahaya K, Miyagi I & Matsuzaki H

(2016) Areal Distribution, Chemical Feature and Flux of Slab-Derived Fluid Upwelling to the Surface in Japan: Geochemical Evidence from Groundwater Surveys
Kazahaya K, Togo Y, Takahashi H, Takahashi M, Yasuhara M, Sato T, Morikawa N, Iwamori H & Tanaka H

(2016) Magmatic Volatile Flux into the Groundwater System in and Around Kutcharo Caldera, East Hokkaido, Japan
Ohwada M, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Yasuhara M, Takahashi HA, Takahashi M, Inamura A, Oyama Y, Miyagi I, Itoh J & Tsukamoto H

(2011) Geochemical and Isotopic Analyses of Non-Volcanogenic Hot Springs in Central Japan
Kusuda C, Iwamori H, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Ohwada M, Ishikawa T, Tanimizu M & Nagaishi K

(2010) Geochemical Modeling of Slab-Derived Fluids
Kusuda C, Iwamori H, Kazahaya K, Morikawa N, Takahashi M, Takahashi H, Ohwada M, Ishikawa T, Tanimizu M & Nagaishi K

(2008) Nitrate-Dependent Deep Subsurface Biosphere and Nitrite Accumulation in an Inland Fore-Arc Basin, Japan
Suzuki Y, Suko T, Yoshioka H, Takahashi M, Sakata S, Tsunogai U, Takeno N & Ito K

(2003) Variation in Concentrations of Gases Dissolved in Groundwater at Toyohashi Station in Tokai Area, Japan and Neighboring Seismic Activity
Koizumi N, Takahashi M, Kitagawa Y, Yamauchi T & Igarashi G

(2003) Observation of Radon for Earthquake Prediction Research
Takahashi M

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