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All abstracts by Martial Taillefert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Interface Versus Internal Recycling of Organic Matter in Coastal Sediments: A Case Study from Two RioMars – The Louisiana Shelf and the Rhône Prodelta
Rabouille C, Lansard B, Rabalais NN, Owings SM, Rassmann J, Bombled B, Metzger E, Beckler J & Taillefert M

(2019) Combining Geochemical Measurements and Omics to Investigate Competitive Anaerobic Redox Dynamics in Sediments
Eitel E, Moran A, Shin H-D, Patin N, Bertagnolli A, Kemner K, Brooks S, Pennacchio C, Kaplan D, Stewart F, DiChristina T & Taillefert M

(2017) Benthic Fluxes Indicating Uncoupled Aerobic and Anaerobic Processes in the Rhône River Prodelta
Rassmann J, Eitel E, Cathalot C, Brandily C, Lansard B, Taillefert M & Rabouille C

(2017) Importance of Fe-Mediated Processes in Blackwater River Estuarine Sediments
Beckler J, Jones S, O'brien A, Taillefert M & Milbrandt E

(2017) Tales from the Crypt(ic): The Phantoms of the Nitrogen Cycle
Glass J, Cavazos A, Stanton C, Tang Y, Taillefert M, Stewart F & Ostrom N

(2016) Geochemical Controls of Competitive Inhibition of Microbial Uranium Reduction by Iron Oxides
Belli K, DiChristina T, Van Cappellen P & Taillefert M

(2014) Existence, Formation, and Role of Soluble Organic-Fe(III) Complexes in the Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron in Sediments
Taillefert M, Beckler J, Moser M & Wilson P

(2010) Non-Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides by <i>Shewanella oneidensis</I> during Dissimilatory Fe(III) Reduction
Jones M, Fennessey C, DiChristina T & Taillefert M

(2010) Uranium Biomineralization Through the Activities of Microbial Phytases
Salome K, DiChristina T, Martinez R, Sobecky P & Taillefert M

(2010) Mechanism of Electron Transfer during Dissimilatory Mn(IV) Reduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Lin H, Burns J, DiChristina T & Taillefert M

(2010) Effect of Arsenic on Microbial Iron Reduction and Arsenic Speciation in an Iron-Rich Freshwater Sediment
Taillefert M, Chow SS & Beckler JS

(2009) New Insights into the Biogeochemical Cycling of Iron from in situ Measurements in Marine Sediments
Taillefert M, Meiggs D, Jones M & Beckler J

(2005) Formation of Soluble organic-Fe(III) Complexes during Microbial Iron Reduction
Carey E, Burns J, DiChristina TJ & Taillefert M

(2002) Reactive Transport Modeling of Trace Metals in Stratified Water Columns
Taillefert M & Gaillard J-F

(2002) Trace Metals and Fe-Mn Cycling
Gaillard J-F, Taillefert M, Lienemann C-P & Perret D

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