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All abstracts by Shogo Tachibana in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Evolution of Organic Molecules in Space: From Ice Deposition to Organic Residues
Piani L, Tachibana S, Hama T, Kimura Y, Endo Y, Fujita K, Nakatsubo S, Fukushi H, Mori S, Chigai T, Yurimoto H & Kouchi A

(2015) Curation and Initial Analysis of Hayabusa2 Samples in 2021
Tachibana S, Abe M, Watanabe S-I & Fujimoto M

(2015) Diverse Organic Compounds Possibly Synthesized in Meteorite Parent Bodies with Formaldehyde, Ammonia and Water
Kebukawa Y, Tachibana S, Cody G, Ishikawa Y, Kaneko T & Kobayashi K

(2015) Concentration Dependence of Water Diffusion in Silica Glass at 50 Bar H2O Pressure
Kuroda M, Tachibana S, Okumura S, Nakamura M, Sakamoto N & Yurimoto H

(2014) Hayabusa-2: Sample Return from a near-Earth C-Type Asteroid, 1999 JU3
Tachibana S, Abe M, Arakawa M, Fujimoto M, Ishiguro M, Kitazato K, Kobayashi N, Namiki N, Okada T, Okazaki R, Sugita S, Takano Y, Tanaka S, Watanabe S-I, Yoshikawa M & Kuninaka H

(2013) Organic Nitrogen Cosmochemistry of Ultracarbonaceous Micrometeorite
Yabuta H, Noguchi T, Itoh S, Tsujimoto S, Sakamoto N, Hashiguchi M, Abe K, Kilcoyne D, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Tachibana S, Terada K, Nakamura T, Ebihara M & Nagahara H

(2013) Hayabusa-2 – Sample Return from a Near-Earth C-Type Asteroid (2014-2020): Current Status
Watanabe S-I, Abe M, Arakawa M, Fujimoto M, Ishiguro M, Kitazato K, Kobayashi N, Namiki N, Okada T, Sugita S, Tachibana S, Tanaka S, Yoshikawa M & Kuninaka H

(2013) Evaporation Behavior of Forsterite (Mg2SiO4) in a H2O-H2 Gas
Tachibana S & Takigawa A

(2012) Possible Source of Iron-60 in the Early Solar System Based on Recent Estimates of its Initial Abundance
Tachibana S

(2011) Viscosity Measurements of FeO-Rich Silicate Melts and Its Implication for the Lunar Crust Formation
Sakai R, Kushiro I, Nagahara H, Ozawa K & Tachibana S

(2008) Injection of Short-Lived and Stable Nuclides from a “Faint” Supernova into the Early Solar System
Tachibana S

(2003) Mg/Si Fractionation of Chondrules: Heating Energy Input Rate and Physical Separation Rate
Tachibana S, Nakamoto T & Kita N

(2002) The 26Al Ages of Chondrules as the Chemical Records of the Active Proto-Planetary Disk
Kita N, Mostefaoui S, Tachibana S & Nagahara H

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