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All abstracts by Inna Badanina in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Origin of Zircon from the Talnakh Economic Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusion (Noril’sk Province, Russia): Evidence from Oxygen Isotope Data
Malitch K, Belousova E, Griffin W, Badanina I, Martin L & Sluzhenikin S

(2019) Os Isotope Systematics of Ru-Os Sulfides and Ru-Os-Ir Alloys from the Verkh-Neivinsk and Kunar Ophiolite-Type Complexes (Russia)
Badanina I, Malitch K, Belousova E, Puchtel I & Murzin V

(2017) Origin of Ru-Os-Ir Alloys from the Evander Goldfield, Witwatersrand Basin (South Africa)
Malich K, Badanina I, Dale C & Merkle R

(2017) Origin of Zircons from the Kondyor Platinum-Bearing Massif (Russia): Evidence from U-Pb and Hf-O Isotopic Data
Badanina I, Belousova E, Malitch K, Griffin W & Martin L

(2015) A Combined Nd-Sr-Cu-S Isotope Study of the Chernogorsk and Zub-Marksheider Ore-Bearing Intrusions (Noril’sk Province, Russia)
Malitch K, Latypov R, Badanina I & Sluzhenikin S

(2014) Stable Isotope Study of Magmatic Sulfide Ni-Cu-Pge Ores of the Noril’sk Province (Russia)
Malitch K, Latypov R, Badanina I & Sluzhenikin S

(2014) Ru-Os-Ir Alloys and Ru-Os Sulfides from Oceanic Mantle: Evidence for Robustness of Os-Isotope System
Malich K, Badanina I, Belousova E, Lord R, Meisel T, Murzin V & Pearson N

(2013) Timing and Distinct Magma Sources in Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusions of the Taimyr Peninsula (Russia)
Malitch K, Badanina I & Romanov A

(2013) U-Pb and Hf Isotope Characteristics of Zircon from Chromitites at Finero
Badanina I, Malitch K & Belousova E

(2011) Redox Conditions of Formation of Osmium-Rich Alloys from Dunite and Chromitite of the Guli Massif (Maimecha-Kotui Province, Russia)
Malitch K, Kadik A, Badanina I & Zharkova E

(2008) Contrasting Magma Sources in Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusions of the Noril’sk Area (Russia): Hf-Isotope Evidence from Zircon
Malitch K, Belousova E, Griffin W, Badanina I, Petrov O & Pearson N

(2007) Mineral Chemistry and Os Isotope Systematics of Os-Bearing Alloys from the Guli Massif (Russia): New Data
Badanina I, Malitch K & Kapitonov I

(2007) Zircons from Ultramafic-Mafic Intrusions at Noril'sk Area (Russia): A Compositional and U-Pb Study
Malich K, Petrov O, Badanina I & Presnyakov S

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