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All abstracts by Wolfgang Bach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Enhanced Olivine Weathering in Permeable Sandy Sediments from the North Sea – A Laboratory Study Using Flow-Through Reactors
Köster M, Diehl A, Bach W & Kasten S

(2023) Evidence of South American Lithosphere Mantle beneath the Chile Mid-Ocean Ridge
Mallick S, Kuhl SE, Saal AE, Klein E, Bach W, Monteleone B & Boesenberg JS

(2023) Early Archean Carbonate Factories – Major Carbon Sinks on the Juvenile Earth
Xiang W, Duda J-P, Pack A, Willbold M, Bach W & Reitner J

(2023) Trace Element Behavior at Natural Marine Hydrocarbon Seeps – Preliminary Results and New Insights from Oil Seepage-Derived Authigenic Pyrite
Smrzka D, Lin Z, Monien P, Bach W, Peckmann J & Bohrmann G

(2023) Mineral Carbonation of Oceanic Peridotite in the St. Paul’s Transform Fault, Equatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Schroeder T, Klein F, Humphris S, Seewald JS, Sichel S & Bach W

(2023) Novel Isotopic Techniques to Investigate the Deep Subsurface Acetate Cycle
Mueller EP, Panehal J, Hansen CT, Song M, Boettger J, Heuer VB, Warr O, Bach W, Hinrichs K-U, Eiler J, Orphan V, Sherwood Lollar B & Sessions AL

(2022) Magmatic Volatiles Episodically Flush Oceanic Hydrothermal Systems: Evidence from the Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Katzir Y, Fox S, Bach W, Schlicht L & Glessner J

(2022) The Surtsey Subsurface Observatory: Surface Mineral Reactions in Natural Hydrothermal Environments
Peter M, Luttge A, Bach W & Turke A

(2022) Magmatic Volatile Influx and Fluid Boiling in Submarine Caldera-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems, Niuatahi Volcano, Tonga Rear-Arc
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Sporer C, Bach W, Klemd R, Strauss H, Storch B, Peters C, Rubin K & Anderson MO

(2021) Multi-Stage Hydrothermal Alteration of Chromium Spinels from the Sabzevar Ophiolite (SE Iran)
Eslami A, Malvoisin B, Brunet F, Kananian A, Bach W, Grieco G, Cavallo A & Gatta D

(2021) Volatiles in the Chile Ridge Basalts and the Role of Adjacent Andean Subduction Zone
Mallick S, Kuhl S, Saal A, Klein E, Bach W & Monteleone B

(2021) Brucite in Oceanic Serpentinite
Klein F, Bach W & Humphris S

(2021) Stable Cr Isotope Compositions of Modern Silicate Mantle Reservoirs
Wagner LJ, Kleinhanns IC, König S, Bach W, Rouxel O, Wörner G & Schoenberg R

(2020) From Roots to Vents: Magmatic Fluids Episodically Flush Oceanic Hydrothermal Systems
Fox S, Katzir Y, Bach W, Schlicht L & Glessner J

(2020) Crystal Surface Reactivity Analysis Across Scales: Combined Experimental and Numerical Insight
Fischer C, Kahl W-A, Yuan T, Bollermann T & Bach W

(2020) Microbially Mediated Alteration of Basaltic Tephra from Surtsey Volcano, Iceland
Türke A, Jørgensen S, Bach W, Kahl W-A & Hansen C

(2019) Tracing Fluid-Rock Interactions in Acid-Sulfate Vent Fluids from Back-Arc Basins and Island Arcs with Mg, Li and B Isotope Ratios
Wilckens FK, Reeves EP, Kleint C, Bach W, Koschinsky A & Kasemann SA

(2019) U-Pb Dating of Carbonate Veins in Cretaceous to Neogene Oceanic Crust
Zavala K, Gerdes A, Bach W & Kasemann S

(2019) Hydrothermal Fluxes of Trace Metals (Such as Zn and Fe) into Surface Waters along the Kermadec Intraoceanic Arc
Kleint C, Bach W, Sander SG, Zitoun R, Middag R, Laan P & Koschinsky A

(2019) Geochemical Variability of Hydrothermal Fluids from Four Vent Sites in the North East Lau Basin
Klose L, Kleint C, Diehl A, Bach W, Peters C, Strauss H & Koschinsky A

(2019) Diverse Hydrothermal Fluid Chemistries at 12–15°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge: Irinovskoe, Semenov-2, Azhadze II and Logatchev 1
Reeves E, Bach W, Jamieson J, Scheffler J, Mørkved PT & Hamelin C

(2019) Sulfur Cycling at the Kermadec Arc Revealed by Sulfur Isotopes
Peters C, Hesseler V, Koschinsky A, Bach W, Stucker V & Strauss H

(2019) Examining Pathways of Hydrocarbon Gas Generation in Guaymas Basin Hydrothermal Sediments
Song M, Schubotz F, Kellermann MY, Hansen CT, Bach W, Teske AP & Hinrichs K-U

(2019) Geochemistry of Deep Subseafloor Hydrothermal Fluids at Brothers Volcano
McDermott JM, Rouxel O, Schlicht LEM, Bach W, Stucker VK, de Ronde CEJ, Massiot C & Scientists E3

(2019) Boron Isotopes in Hydrothermally Altered Crust of the Brothers Volcano (Kermadec Arc, New Zealand)
Schlicht L, Rouxel O, Meixner A, Kasemann S & Bach W

(2019) Boron Isotope Behavior in Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems: Nature vs. Experiment
Hansen C, Schlicht L, Reeves E, Meixner A, Kasemann S & Bach W

(2018) Comparing Biosignatures in Aged Basalt Glass from North Pond, Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Louisville Seamount Trail, off New Zealand
Türke A, Ménez B & Bach W

(2018) The Influence of Exsolved Magmatic Fluids in Back-Arc Crust: Epidosites and Base Metals
Fox S, Katzir Y, Bach W & Schlicht L

(2018) Boron Isotopes in Hydrothermally Altered Rocks from the Manus Basin
Schlicht L, Kasemann S, Meixner A & Bach W

(2018) Hf-Nd Isotopes of Chile Ridge Basalts, Evidence of Pelagic Sediment in the MORB Mantle
Mallick S, Saal A, Klein E & Bach W

(2017) Microbial Dynamics in Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Plumes of the Ultra-Slow Spreading Gakkel Ridge
Molari M, Wegener G, McDermott J, Bach W & Boetius A

(2017) Geochemistry, Physics, and Dispersion of a Gakkel Ridge Hydrothermal Plume, 87°N, 55°30’E
McDermott J, Albers E, Bach W, Diehl A, German C, Hand K, Koehler J, Seewald J, Walter M, Wegener G & Wischnewski L

(2017) Dissolved-Particulate Exchange in the Proximal Hydrothermal Plume at the Aurora Vent Field, Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Türke A, Bach W, Boetius A, Diehl A, German C, Köhler J, Mertens C, Monien P, Prause S & Sueltenfuss J

(2017) Geological Settings of Hydrothermal Vents at 6°15’W and 55°30’E on the Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Marcon Y, Purser A, Diehl A, Albers E, Türke A, McDermott J, German C, Hand K, Schlindwein V, Dorschel B, Wegener G, Boetius A & Bach W

(2017) Multi-Isotope Study on Hydrothermal Vent Fluids from an Early-Stage Hydrothermal System at Nifonea Volcano, New Hebrides Backarc
Wilckens FK, Meixner A, Koschinsky A, Kasemann SA & Bach W

(2017) Tracing Mantle Depletion along the Ultra-Slow Spreading Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Richter M, Nebel O, Maas R, Dick H & Bach W

(2017) Archaeal Methanogenesis at the Onshore Serpentinite-Hosted Chimaera Seeps, Turkey
Zwicker J, Birgel D, Bach W, Richoz S, Gier S, Smrzka D, Neubeck A, Ivarsson M, Schleper C, Rittmann S, Grasemann B, Koşun E & Peckmann J

(2017) Precipitation of Abundant Hydrothermal Clay at Ultramafic-Hosted Vent Fields on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge – Implications for Seafloor Massive Sulfide Resource Estimates
Jamieson J, Kulla M & Bach W

(2017) High Resolution in situ Measurements Using Space Instrumentation Proves Ni Isotopes as Reliable Biosignature in Fossilized Microorganisms
Neubeck A, Tulej M, Wiessendanger R, Neuland M, Meyer S, Riedo V, Moreno-Garcia P, Ivarsson M, Bach W & Wurz P

(2017) Molecular Hydrogen Production during Low-Temperature Serpentinization: A Modeling Study with Implications for Potential Microbial Life on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus
Smrzka D, Zwicker J, Taubner R-S, Bach W, Rittmann S, Schleper C & Peckmann J

(2017) Upscaling of Dissolution Rate Contributors from the Atomic Scale to the Macroscopic Scale
Fischer C, Kurganskaya I, Kahl W-A, Bollermann T, Prüße F, Bach W & Luttge A

(2017) High-Temperature Hydration of Melt Impregnated Lithospheric Mantle in the 15°20’N F. Z. Area, MAR
Albers E, Schroeder T & Bach W

(2015) Dissolution Kinetics of Albite Crystals and Glass: An Experimental Comparison
Socaciu A, Filipescu R, Arvidson RS, Fischer C, Bach W & Luttge A

(2015) Gateway to the Sub-Arc Mantle: Volatile Flux, Metal Transport, and Conditions for Early Life, Brothers Volcano, New Zealand
de Ronde C, Bach W, Arculus R, Humphris S, Takai K & Reysenbach A-L

(2015) Geochemical Modelling of Triple Oxygen Isotope Composition of Seawater Using High Precision Δ17O Analyses of Oceanic Crust
Sengupta S, Pack A, Sharp Z & Bach W

(2015) On the Behavior of Sb and As in Hydrothermal Systems from the Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea
Blaauwbroek N, Keith M, Petersen S & Bach W

(2015) Boron and Lithium Isotope Compositions of Acid-Sulfate Fluids from the Eastern Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea
Wilckens FK, Kasemann SA, Bach W, Reeves EP, Meixner A & Seewald JS

(2015) New Insight on Lithium and Boron Isotope Fractionation during Serpentinization Derived from Batch Reaction Investigations
Hansen C, Meixner A, Kasemann S & Bach W

(2015) Palagonitization of Basalt Glass in the Flanks of Mid-Ocean Ridges: Implications for the Bioenergetics of Oceanic Intracrustal Ecosystems
Türke A, Bach W & Nakamura K

(2015) A Geochemical Budget of 8 Myrs of Oxidative Ocean Basement Alteration
Bach W, Rouxel O, Nakamura K, Türke A & Klügel A

(2014) Low-Temperature Serpentinization Produces Abundant Hydrogen within the Temperature Limits of Life
Klein F, Bach W, Humphris SE, Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Moskowitz B & Berquó TS

(2013) Low-T Hydrothermal Fluid Evolution
Weinzierl C, Bach W, Böhm F, Regelous M & Haase K

(2013) Rocky Constraints on Catabolic Energy Supply in the Subseafloor
Bach W, Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Türke A & Plümper O

(2013) Oxygen and Carbon Cycling in Basaltic Crust
Orcutt B, Bach W, Edwards K, Girguis P & Wheat G

(2012) Compositional Controls on Hydrogen Generation during Serpentinization
Klein F, Bach W & McCollom TM

(2012) Serpentinization and the Flux of Reduced Volatiles to the Seafloor
McCollom T, Klein F, Bach W, Moskowitz B, Berquo T & Templeton A

(2011) Fractionation of 238U/235U during Weathering and Hydrothermal Alteration
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M, Georg B, Rausch S & Bach W

(2011) Calcium Isotope Fractionation during Dolomite Formation
Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Fietzke J, Rausch S, Klügel A & Bach W

(2011) Calcium Carbonate Veins in Ocean Crust Record a Threefold Increase of Seawater Mg/Ca and Sr/Ca in the Past 30 Million Years
Rausch S, Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Klügel A & Bach W

(2011) Phase Separation, Degassing and Anomalous Methane at the Menez Gwen Hydrothermal Field
Reeves E, Prieto X, Hentscher M, Rosner M, Seewald J, Hinrichs K-U & Bach W

(2011) Compositions of Phyllosilicates from the TAG Hydrothermal System at 26°N on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as Guide to Subseafloor Entrainment of Seawater: Results from ODP Leg 158
Shu L, Bach W, Klügel A & Jöns N

(2011) Fluid and Temperature Conditions in an Oceanic Detachment Fault Footwall: Insights from Late-Stage Mineral Veins (ODP Leg 304/305)
Jöns N, Bach W, Rosner M & Plessen B

(2011) Polyphase Serpentinization History of Mariana Forearc Mantle: Observations on Ultramafic Clasts from ODP Leg 195, Site 1200
Kahl W-A, Jöns N, Bach W & Klein F

(2011) On Organic Synthesis Reactions Driven by Serpentinization
Hentscher M, Bach W & Klein F

(2011) Serpentinization and Hydrogen Generation
McCollom T, Klein F, Bach W, Jons N & Templeton A

(2010) Reassessing Reaction Rates for TSR by Experiments and Modelling
Ostertag-Henning C, Scheeder G, Hentscher M & Bach W

(2010) Mineralogy Selects Microbial Community Characteristics at Low-Temperature along the Global Mid-Ocean Ridge
Toner B, Lesniewski R, Marlow J, Santelli C, Bach W, Orcutt B & Edwards K

(2010) Hydrogen Generation for Microbial Activity in Ultramafic-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems
McCollom T, Bach W & Hoehler T

(2010) Life in Young Ocean Crust: Insights from Subsurface Microbial Observatories
Orcutt B, Bach W, Becker K, Fisher A, Hentscher M, Toner B, Wheat CG & Edwards K

(2010) Geochemical Analysis of Altered Seafloor Lavas Hosting Extensive Microbial Communities
Santelli C, Toner B, Bach W & Edwards K

(2010) Advanced Argillic Alteration at the Desmos Caldera, Manus Basin
Bach W, Niedermeier D, Schwander D & Seewald J

(2010) Fluid-Mineral Equilibria in Subseafloor Reaction Zones beneath Eastern Manus Basin Vent Fields
Seewald J, Bach W & Reeves E

(2010) Transitory Brucite and the Chemistry and Mineralogy of Serpentinite
Beard J, Frost R & Bach W

(2010) Intrinsic Silica Metasomatism during Serpentinization
Klein F, Bach W, Jöns N, McCollom T & Frost BR

(2009) Geochemical Signatures of Arc and Back-Arc Magmatism in the Eastern Manus Basin
Niedermeier D, Bach W & Beier C

(2009) Carbonate Veins as Recorder of Seawater-Crust Interaction
Rausch S, Klügel A, Bach W & Böhm F

(2009) Energetics of Catabolic Reactions in Diffuse Hydrothermal Fluids – Clues to Subseafloor Microbial Metabolism
Hentscher M, Bach W, Perner M, Koschinsky A, Garbe-Schönberg D & Amend JP

(2009) Back-Arc Melting: Fluid or Source Induced?
Beier C, Turner S, Bach W, Niedermeier D, Sinton J & Gill J

(2009) Calcium Isotope Systematics of Low Temperature Alteration Carbonates in the Ocean Crust
Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Rausch S, Bach W & Klügel A

(2008) Chlorine Isotope Systematics of a Back-Arc Spreading System
Layne G, Kent A & Bach W

(2008) Serpentinite Phase Relations as a Monitor of Hydrogen Production
Klein F & Bach W

(2008) Plagiogranitic, Serpentinite and Carbonate Veins in Abyssal Peridotites: Insights into Fluid Transport in a Detachment Fault Setting (ODP Leg 209)
Jöns N, Bach W, Schroeder T & Rosner M

(2008) Tales and Facts About Rodingite and Diopsidite in Oceanic Mantle Sections
Bach W & Klein F

(2008) Low Temperature Alteration Carbonates in the Ocean Crust and their Importance for CO2 Uptake and the Global Ca Cycle
Böhm F, Rausch S, Eisenhauer A, Bach W & Klügel A

(2008) Constraints on Hydrogen Generation during Serpentinization of Ultramafic Rocks
McCollom T & Bach W

(2007) Silica Metasomatism of Oceanic Serpentinites
Bach W & Klein F

(2007) Hydrothermal Systems in the Eastern Manus Basin: Effects of Phase Separation and Fluid Mixing
Bach W, Seewald J, Tivey M, Tivey M & Yoerger D

(2007) Fe-Ni-O-S Phase Relations during Serpentinization (MAR 15°N)
Klein F, Bach W & Garrido CJ

(2007) Anhydrite as a Tracer of Sub-Seafloor Hydrothermal Circulation and Vent Deposit Formation
Craddock P & Bach W

(2007) Carbonate and Anhydrite Veins from Altered Gabbroic Oceanic Crust (Atlantis Massif, MAR 30°N)
Rosner M, Bach W, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Erzinger J & Plessen B

(2006) Microorganisms and the Weathering of Ocean Crust at the Seafloor
Santelli C, Bach W & Edwards K

(2005) Microbial Weathering of Ocean Crust
Edwards K, Santelli C & Bach W

(2004) The Effects of Submarine Hydrothermal Systems on Ocean Chemistry and Deep-Sea Microbial Processes
Bach W

(2004) Osmium in the Tonga Subduction Zone: Slab Versus Lithosphere
Bach W, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Abbruzzese T & Worthington T

(2002) Anatomy of a Dacite-Hosted Submarine Hydrothermal System ˆ Results from Drilling at PACMANUS
Bach W, Barriga F, Binns R, Roberts S, Vanko D & Yeats C

(2002) Energy for Chemoautotrophs in Mid-Ocean Ridge Flanks
Bach W

(2002) Os, Ir, Pt, Pd and Re in Hole 504B
Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Bach W & Hart SR

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