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All abstracts by Zhan Xue Sun in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Experimental Study of Solution-Mineral Interaction in the Qisanba Uranium Deposit, NW-China
Sun Z, Zhou Y & Liu J

(2011) Mechanism of Water–Rock Interaction of Alkaline Leaching Uranium in Shihongtan Deposit
Gao B & Sun Z

(2011) Particle Size Effects in Bioleaching of Uranium Waste Ore
Wang XG, Sun Z & Liu J

(2010) Uranium Recovery from Waste Ores by an Indigenous Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in Laboratory
Wang XG, Liu J, Sun ZX, Liu Y & Zheng ZH

(2010) Bioleaching of Low Grade Uranium Ore Using a Column Reactor
Sun Z, Liu Y & Liu J

(2010) Suitable Hydrogeochemical Conditions for in situ Uranium Leaching in the Shihongtan Deposit
Liu J, Zhou Y, Sun Z & Hu B

(2010) Groundwater Isotope Characteristics of the Potential Site of a High-Level Radioactive Waste Repository in the JiuJing Area in China
Zhou Z & Sun Z

(2010) Catalytic Effect of the Combination of Catalysts on Bioleaching of Low-Grade Chalcopyrite Ore
Zhang WM & Sun ZX

(2010) Study of Hydrogeochemical Conditions of in situ Leach Uranium Mining in the Shihongtan Deposit
Gao B, Zeng H & Sun Z

(2010) The Study of Quaternary Groundwater Recharge in Turpan Basin, NW-China
Zhou Y, Shen Z, Sun Z, Liu J & Shi W

(2009) Geochemical Modelling of Fluid-Rock Interaction during Acid ISL Uranium Mining in SHT Uranium Deposit, NW-China
Sun Z, Gao B, Liu J & Shi W

(2009) The Bioleaching of Low-Grade Chalcopyrite Ore in the Presence of Activated Carbon
Zhang W & Sun Z

(2009) Metallogenesis of Dongsheng Sandstone Hosted Uranium Deposits in Ordos Basin
Gao B, Zhang W & Sun Z

(2009) Acidophiles Distribution Related to the Geological Environment in an Uranium Deposit
Liu Y-J, Li J, Sun Z-X, Liu J-H, Li X-L, Shi W-J, Zheng Z, Chen G-X, Xu L-L & Xu W-Y

(2009) The Geological Disposal Research of High-Level Radioactive Waste in China
Zhou Z & Sun Z

(2009) The Rare Earth Element Characteristics of the Silicolite of Early Cambrian Barite Deposits in East Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Xia F, Mao D-S & Sun Z-X

(2009) The Isotopic and Chemical Characteristics of Groundwater from Shihongtan Uranium Deposit and Its Surrounding Area
Chen G, Sun Z, Wang G & Liu J

(2009) Uranium Leaching by a Pure Culture of Acidobacillus ferrooxidans in Laboratory
Liu JH, Liu YJ, Wu WR, Sun ZX & Wang XG

(2008) Geochemical Modeling of Water-Granite Interaction in Beishan Area, NW-China
Sun Z & Zhang Z

(2008) The Origin and Sulphur Characteristics of Early Cambrian Barite Deposits in East Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Xia F, Ma D-S, Guo F-S & Sun Z-X

(2008) Geochemical Characteristics of the Shihongtan Uranium Deposit in Turpan-Hami Basin, West China
Gao B, Sun Z & Wang G

(2007) EMP Study of Early Cambrian Barite Deposits in East Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Xia F, Ma D-S & Sun Z-X

(2007) 40Ar/39Ar Dating of Muscovite from the Maofeng Granite, N-Guangdong Province, China
Sun Z, Zhang W & Gao B

(2006) Lead isotope geochemistry and lead source in black rock series of early Cambrian from southeast Guizhou, China
Xia F, Pan J-Y, Ma D-S, Cao S-L, Chen S-H, Guo F-S & Sun Z-X

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