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All abstracts by Youbin Sun in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) A Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of East Asian Monsoon Precipitation Dynamics on the Western Chinese Loess Plateau over the Past 140, 000 Years
Fuchs L, Guo J, Schefuß E, Sun Y, Dong J, Ziegler M & Peterse F

(2021) Identifying the Drivers of Vegetation Change on the Western Chinese Loess Plateau over the Last 70, 000 Years
Fuchs L, Haan, K.E. de K, Schefuß E, Guo J, Sun Y & Peterse F

(2021) Reconstructing 130, 000 Years of East Asian Air Temperature Variability Using Branched Tetraether Membrane Lipids and Clumped Isotopes of Land Snail Shells from the Chinese Loess Plateau
Guo J, Ziegler M, Vreeken M, Mishra S, Fuchs L, Dong J, Sun Y & Peterse F

(2020) Climate Forcing the Evolution of East Asian Summer Monsoon Precipitation Since the Miocene Evidenced by Mg Isotopes in Chinese Loess Deposits
Ma L, Sun Y, Jin Z & Huang K-J

(2015) Copper and Zn Isotope Geochemistry of Particulate Matter: From Natural to Anthropogenic Sources
Dong S, Weiss D, North R, Fowler G, Sun Y, Gupta S & Formenti P

(2014) Differentiating Summer and Winter Monsoon Signals in Precipitation Isotope Records from East Asia
Thomas E, Clemens S, Prell W, Sun Y, Huang Y, Chen G, Liu Z & Wen X

(2013) Selenium Distribution Linked to Monsoon Climate in the Chinese Loess Plateau
Blazina T, Sun Y, Berg M & Winkel LHE

(2011) Copper and Zinc Isotope Composition of China and India Dust Sources
Dong S, Weiss DJ, Najorka J, Ferrat M, Spiro B, Sun Y, Gupta S & Sinha R

(2009) Geochemical Tracing of Dust in Peat and Dust Samples for Palaeoclimatic Studies of the Asian Monsoon
Ferrat M, Strekopytov S, Unsworth C, Dong S, Sun Y, Spiro B & Weiss DJ

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