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All abstracts by Kenichiro Sugitani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Discoveries of Microfossils of Fe-Oxidizing Bacteria in 3.46 Ga- and 3.35 Ga-Old Cherts from Pilbara, Western Australia
Graham UM, Sugitani K & Ohmoto H

(2021) Testing the Cellular Nature of Large (>10 µm) Spheroids in the ~3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Formation
Coutant M, Lepot K, Fadel A, Addad A, Richard E, Troadec D, Ventalon S, Sugitani K & Javaux EJ

(2019) Diatom Assemblages Vary with the Environmental Factors Even within an Area of a River Mouth Tidal Flat
Yamamoto M, Ohtsuka T & Sugitani K

(2016) Biogeochemical Characteristics of Vertical Profiles of Organic and Inorganic Elements in Tidal Flat Sediments at Urban Estuarine
Yamamoto M, Harada N, Sato M & Sugitani K

(2016) Arsenic-Based Metabolisms in a 3.4 Ga Old Ecosystem
Philippot P, Medjoubi K, Sancho-Tomas M, Sugitani K, Visscher P, Konhauser K, Wing B & Somogyi A

(2016) Coastal Hydrothermal Field was Hot Spot for Biotic Diversity on the Paleoarchean Earth
Sugitani K, Mimura K, Takeuchi M, Yamaguchi T, Suzuki K, Senda R, Asahara Y, Wallis S & Van Kranendonk M

(2015) Archean Microfossils from the Farrel Quartzite (Pilbara Craton, Australia, 3.0 Gyr) Reveal Contrasted δ15N Signatures
Delarue F, Robert F, Sugitani K & Derenne S

(2013) Coupled Isotopic and Textural Evidence for the Biogenicity of 3.4 Gyrs Old Cell-Like Structures
Lepot K, Williford KH, Ushikubo T, Sugitani K, Mimura K, Spicuzza MJ & Valley JW

(2010) Biological Diversity in the Archean: New Results from NanoSIMS
Oehler D, Robert F, Walter M, Sugitani K, Meibom A, Mostefaoui S & Gibson E

(2008) Systematic REE Study of Archaean (>3.0Ga) Carbonaceous Black Cherts in the Pilbara Craton: Implications for the Origin and Depositional Environment of Black Chert Containing Putative Microfossils
Sugahara H, Sugitani K, Yamamoto K & Mimura K

(2006) Rare earth element geochemistry of carbonaceous black chert of 3.4 Ga Strelley Pool Chert at Mt. Goldsworthy and Mt. Grant, Pilbara Craton: implications for environment of deposition and habitat of microbes on early Earth
Sugitani K, Mimura K, Allwood A & Yamamoto K

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