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All abstracts by Björn Stolpe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Biomineralisation of Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Sorbents for Waste Cleanup
Handley-Sidhu S, King S, Stolpe B, Sidhu Y, Cuthbert M, Macaskie L, Lead J & Mullan T

(2014) Mechanism of Microbial Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Manufacture and its Application to Radionuclide Remediation
Handley-Sidhu S, King S, Stolpe B, Sidhu Y, Lead J, Cuthbert M & Macaskie L

(2013) Stable Isotope Tracing of Manufactured Nanoparticles
Rehkämper M, Laycock A, Larner F, Dybowska A, Dogra Y, Stolpe B, Diez Ortiz M, Lead J, Svendsen C, Valsami-Jones E, Tyler C & Galloway T

(2012) Mechanism of Microbial Hydroxyapatite Manufacture and its Application to Radionuclide Remediation
Handley-Sidhu S, Renshaw J, Stolpe B, Lead J, Pattrick R, Charnock J, Baker S, Cuthbert M & Macaskie L

(2011) The Uptake of Radionuclides into Nanoparticulate Hydroxyapatite
Handley-Sidhu S, Renshaw J, Stolpe B, Lead J & Macaskie L

(2011) Multimethod Characterisation of Nanoparticles in the Environment
Stolpe B, Lead J, Lapworth D, Handley-Sidhu S, Fabrega J, Galloway T, Poole J, Whitby C & Colbeck I

(2010) Nanoscale Colloidal Iron-Binding Organic Matter in Marine Waters
Stolpe B, Guo L & Shiller A

(2009) Temporal Variations in the Export of REE in Boreal Catchments of Varying Character and Size
Köhler S, Lidman F, Hassellöv M, Stolpe B, Mörth M, Björkvald L & Laudon H

(2004) Trace Metal Composition of Natural Water Colloids Studied by Online Coupling of Flow FFF to High Resolution ICPMS
Stolpe B, Hassellöv M & Turner D

(2004) Competition between Iron- and Carbon-Based Nanoparticle Carriers for Trace Metals in Freshwater, Seawater and Sediment Porewaters
Hassellöv M, Stolpe B, Karle I & Turner D

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