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All abstracts by Peter Steier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Background Analysis of Actinide and 99Tc Tracers in the Frame of an in situ Bentonite Diffusion Experiment at the Grimsel Test Site
Quinto F, Blechschmidt I, Faestermann T, Hain K, Koll D, Korschinek G, Kraft S, Pitters J, Plaschke M, Rugel G, Schäfer T, Steier P & Geckeis H

(2020) Reconstruction of the Deposition History of Anthropogenic Uranium in Baltic Sea Sediments Using U-233/U-236 and U-236/U-238 as Tracers
Lin M, Dellwig O, Steier P, Hain K, Golser R, Qiao J & Hou X

(2016) Spatial and Temporal Distribution of 236U in the Northwest Pacific Ocean
Sakaguchi A, Nomura T, Steier P, Watanabe T, Nakakuki T, Sasaki K, Takahashi Y, Yamakawa A & Yamano H

(2016) 236U, 239Pu, 240Pu, <sup>241</sup>Pu, 241Am, 2H and 18O in Floating Ice and its Surrounding Seawater in the Antarctic Ocean
Shinonaga T, Steier P, Stumpp C, Yamada M, Golser R & Tschiersch J

(2016) 236-Uranium Records from Coral Cores
Winkler SR, Senzani KK, Steier P, Wallner G, Carilli J, Zinke J, Godeto T, Woodborne S & Kramers J

(2011) The Suitability of 236U as an Ocean Tracer
Eigl R, Wallner G, Srncik M, Steier P & Winkler S

(2011) 100-Year Record of 236U/238U in Coral as a Step Towards Establishing 236U as Oceanic Tracer
Winkler S, Carilli J & Steier P

(2011) 129I as Atmospheric Tracer
Jabbar T, Steier P, Wallner G, Kandler N & Katzlberger C

(2009) 10Be and 36Cl Interlaboratory Comparisons: Implications for Terrestrial Production Rates?
Merchel S, Bremser W, Alfimov V, Arnold M, Aumaître G, Benedetti L, Bourlès DL, Braucher R, Caffee M, Christl M, Fifield LK, Finkel RC, Freeman SPHT, Ruiz-Gomez A, Kubik PW, Rood DH, Sasa K, Steier P, Tims SG, Wallner A, Wilcken KM & Xu S

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