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All abstracts by Andrew Steele in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Diamond Growth in the Lithospheric Mantle: New SIMS and Raman Evidence from Zimbabwe Diamonds
Smit K, Shirey S, Steele A, Stern R & Wang W

(2013) The Co-evolution of Fe-, Ti-Oxides and Other Microbially Induced Mineral Precipitates during the Diagenesis of Sandy Sediments
Bower D, Hummer D, Kyono A, Steele A & Armstrong J

(2011) Tracking the Evolution of Phase Changes in Ilmenites in Microbial Fossilization Experiments: Understanding the Role of Microbes in Diagenesis
Bower D, Kyono A & Steele A

(2010) Microbial Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycles at the Dune Field, White Sands National Monument (New Mexico)
Glamoclija M, Fogel ML, Kish A & Steele A

(2010) Fluid-Deposition of Graphite with Apatite in an Eoarchean Banded Iron Formation from the Nuvvuagittuq Supracrustal Belt, Québec, Canada
Papineau D, De Gregorio B, Steele A, Stroud R & Fogel M

(2010) Micro Raman Spectroscopic Investigations of Mineral and Carbonaceous Materials: Redefining Parameters for the Detection of Biosignatures
Bower D, Steele A & Kater L

(2010) Quantitative SIMS Analysis of OH in Lunar Apatite: Implications for Water in the Lunar Interior
McCubbin F, Steele A, Hauri E & Nekvasil H

(2009) Signatures of Life in Ice (SLIce): An Analog Study for in situ Detection of Biosignatures Elsewhere
Tobler DJ, Benning LG, Fogel ML, Glamoclija M, Kerr L, Steele A, Amundsen HEF & Eigenbrode JL

(2009) Carbonaceous Material Associated with Apatite in the Akilia Qp Rock
Papineau D, De Gregorio B, Fries M, Steele A, Stroud R, Wang J, Mojzsis S, Konhauser K, Pecoits E, Cody G & Fogel M

(2008) Organic Decontamination of Sampling Devices for Life-Detection Studies
Benning LG, Eigenbrode J, Maule J, Wainwright N, Steele A, Amundsen HEF & Amase 2005 and 2006 

(2006) Pigment development in arctic snow adapted microorganisms.
Benning LG, Jorge Villar S, Fogel M, Steele A & Edwards HHM

(2005) Multiple Sulfur Isotope Fractionation of Microbial Sulfate Reduction
Wang P, Rumble D, Ono S, Scott J & Steele A

(2005) DGT, Microsensor and Molecular Genetic Characterization of Biogeochemical Processes in an Extreme Arctic Environment
Benning LG, Mortimer RGJ & Steele A

(2004) Life Detection on a Chip
Maule J, McKay D & Steele A

(2004) Life in a Mars Analog: Microbial Activity Associated with Carbonate Cemented Lava Breccias from NW Spitsbergen
Amundsen H, Steele A, Fogel M, Mysen B, Kihle J, Schweizer M, Toporski J & Treiman A

(2004) Astrobiotechnology
Steele A, Toporski J, Maule J, Hall J, Fries M & Schelble R

(2004) Understanding Microbial Preservation and the Relevance for Life Detection
Toporski J, Steele A, Maule J, Hall J, Schelble R & Ostertag-Henning C

(2003) A Novel Portable Simulated Rover Platform (SimRP) for Astrobiology Exploration Rover Development
Fries M, Hall J, Toporski J, Hedgecock J, Bar-Cohen Y & Steele A

(2003) The Potential of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Toporski J & Steele A

(2003) The Search for Viruses Through the Fossil Record
Hall J, Toporski J & Steele A

(2003) Astrobiotechnology
Steele A & Toporski J

(2002) Bacterial Silicification – An Experimental Approach
Toporski J, Steele A, Westall F, Thomas-Keptra K & McKay DS

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