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All abstracts by Peter Sprung in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Spurious Lu-Hf Ages of Achondrites not Caused by Irradiation
Bast R, Scherer EE, Sprung P, Fischer-Gödde M, Kleine T & Mezger K

(2014) Was There Really 176Lu Burnout in Early Solar System Materials?
Scherer E, Bast R, Sprung P & Mezger K

(2014) Highly Siderophile Elements in Hadean-Eoarchean Rocks of the Acasta Region
Li C, Becker H, Sprung P, Scherer E & Bleeker W

(2014) 142Nd/144Nd Variation in Acasta Gneiss Complex (Slave Craton, Canada)
Konc Z, Boyet M, Scherer EE, Sprung P, Mezger K & Bleeker W

(2013) The Unexpected ‘Compatible’ Behavior of W during Mantle Melting: Implications for the W/U Ratio of the Lunar Mantle
Fonseca R, Mallmann G, Sommer J, Sprung P, Speelmanns I & Heuser A

(2013) Initial 176Hf/177Hf of the Earth and Early Silicate Differentiation
Sprung P, Kleine T & Scherer EE

(2013) Internal Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics of the Quenched Angrite D’Orbigny and Two Plutonic Angrites
Bast R, Scherer EE, Mezger K, Fischer-Gödde M & Sprung P

(2013) Chondritic Sm/Nd in the Earth, Moon and Mars
Kleine T, Burkhardt C & Sprung P

(2012) Lunar Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd Systematics -Effects of Neutron Capture Reactions
Sprung P, Kleine T & Scherer EE

(2011) Hf-W Evidence for Rapid Accretion and Core Formation in Protoplanets
Kruijer T, Sprung P, Kleine T, Leya I & Wieler R

(2010) Hf-W Chronology of the Eucrite Parent Body
Sprung P, Touboul M, Aciego S, Bourdon B & Kleine T

(2010) Multiple Neutron-Rich Stellar Sources to the Solar System – An Isotope Synthesis
Mezger K, Sprung P & Scherer EE

(2009) Is the Solar System Non-Radiogenic Hf Isotope Composition Uniform?
Sprung P, Scherer EE, Upadhyay D, Mezger K & Bischoff A

(2008) Is the Hf Isotope Composition of the Bulk Silicate Earth Chondritic?
Sprung P, Scherer E, Mezger K & Bischoff A

(2007) Plate-Tectonic Controls on Intraplate Volcanism in New Zealand
Sprung P, Schuth S & Münker C

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