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All abstracts by Christoph Spötl in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Deglaciation Hydroclimatic Variability in the Southwest Indian Ocean
Li H, Cheng H, Sinha A, Spötl C & Ning Y

(2019) δ234Uo in Stalagmites as a Proxy of Paleohydrological Conditions, a LA-MC-ICP-MS Study
Bernal J-P, Cruz F, Lachniet M, Spötl C, Deininger M & Martinez-Paredes J-A

(2019) Non-Stationary North Atlantic Oscillation Forcing on Mediterranean Hydrology Since the Middle Holocene
Hu H-M, Lee S-Y, Shen C-C, Michel V, Valensi P, Spötl C, Hsu H-H & Starnini E

(2019) Time Resolution of Laser Ablation MC ICP-MS Sr Isotope Composition Measurements in Dental Enamel: Implications for the Reconstructions of Mammals Paleo-Ecology
Anczkiewicz R, Kowalik N, Müller W, Wilczyński J, Wojtal P, Spötl C, Bondioli L & Lengyel G

(2018) Simulating Formation of Speleothem Calcite in the Laboratory: Investigating Kinetic Stable Isotope Fractionation in the Laboratory
Hansen M, Schöne BR, Spötl C & Scholz D

(2018) Seasonal Wooly Mammoth Migration Recorded by Sr Isotope Composition of Molar Tooth Enamel
Kowalik N, Anczkiewicz R, Müller W, Wojtal P, Wilczyński J, Bondioli L & Spötl C

(2017) Seasonal Meteoric and Calcite Precipitation Recorded in Two Active Stalagmites and Cave Monitoring Data from Katerloch, Austria
Sakoparnig M, Boch R, Wang X, Lin K, Spötl C, Leis A, Mittermayr F & Dietzel M

(2017) Centennial Growth Rate Variability of Two Alpine Holocene Speleothems
Arps J, Trüssel M, Leutz K, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Edwards L, Cheng H, Zhang P, Thil F, Deininger M, Aeschbach N, Spötl C, Fohlmeister J & Frank N

(2016) A New Devils Hole Chronology and Orbital Forcing of Great Basin Climate
Moseley GE, Edwards RL, Wendt KA, Cheng H, Dublanski Y, Boch R, Lu Y & Spotl C

(2016) Climate Variability in Rodrigues Island, Southern Indian Ocean, over the Past 8000 Years
Li H, Cheng H, Sinha A, Spötl C, Ning Y, Biswas J & Edwards RL

(2016) Simulating Speleothem Growth in the Laboratory: Determination of Stable Isotope Fractionation Factors and their Dependence on Temperature and Precipitation Rate
Scholz D, Hansen M, Schöne B & Spötl C

(2016) Monitoring of Cave Air CO2 Using High Temporal Resolution Isotope Ratio Infrared Spectroscopy
Mandic M, Toechterle P, Dublyansky Y, Jost H & Spötl C

(2015) Delayed Beginning of the Eemian in Central Europe due to a Reduced AMOC
Scholz D, Hoffmann DL, Spötl C, Jochum KP & Richter DK

(2015) High Precision U-Series Dating of Speleothems from Alpine Caves
Arps J, Frank N, Thil F & Spötl C

(2013) Evolution of Temperature and Precipitation during Marine Isotope Stage 5 Recorded in Speleothems from the Hüttenbläserschachthöhle, Western Germany
Scholz D, Hoffmann D, Spötl C, Kocot Y & Hopcroft P

(2013) Seasonal Distinction of Hydrological Variability in Speleothem Calcite
Wynn PM, Fairchild IJ, Spotl C, Hartland A, Mattey D, Cotte M & Fayard B

(2013) Reconstruction of Holocene Climate Variability Using Stalagmites from the Herbstlabyrinth, Central Germany
Mischel S, Scholz D, Spötl C & Jochum KP

(2013) Reconstruction of Humid Phases in the Caribbean during the Late Pleistocene
Winterhalder S, Scholz D, Mangini A, Spötl C, Miller TE, Winter A, Jochum KP & Pajón JM

(2011) Decoupled Evolution of Temperature and Precipitation in Western Germany during the Last Interglacial Reconstructed from a Precisely Dated Speleothem
Scholz D, Hoffmann D, Spötl C, Hopcroft P, Mangini A & Richter D

(2009) Noble Gas Temperatures from Speleothems
Aeschbach-Hertig W, Kluge T, Marx T, Scholz D, Spötl C, Niggemann S & Mangini A

(2009) Isotopic Compositions of Aqueous Fluid Inclusions in Calcite from Yucca Mountain, NV, USA
Dublyansky Y & Spötl C

(2009) Last Glacial Rapid Climate Shifts in Central Europe: Environmental and Chronological Considerations from Precisely Dated Cave Carbonates
Boch R, Spötl C, Cheng H, Edwards RL, Wang X & Häuselmann P

(2007) High Resolution Ion Microprobe Analysis of Sulphur Isotopes in Speleothem Carbonate
Wynn P, Fairchild I, Baker A, Frisia S, Borsato A, Miorandi R, Spotl C & Craven J

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