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All abstracts by Arthur Spivack in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Quantitative Determination of Methane and its Isotopologues in Deep Marine Sediments at IODP 370 Site C0023, off Muroto, Japan
Lalk E, Wang D, Spivack A & Ono S

(2013) Radiolyis and Life in Deep Subseafloor Sediment of the South Pacific Gyre
Sauvage J, Spivack A, Dunlea A, Murray R, Pockalny R & D'Hondt S

(2012) Enhanced Calibration of a New Natural Gamma Radiation Technique for Quantifying U, Th, and K Concentrations in Marine Sediments
Dunlea AG, Harris RN, Murray RW, Vasilyev MA, Evans H, D'Hondt S & Spivack AJ

(2009) What do Pore Fluid Profiles of Sulfate Indicate About Methane Fluxes and Amount of Gas Hydrates?
Kastner M, Claypool G, Torres M, Solomon E, Spivack A & Roberstson G

(2009) Microbial Community Stratification in TOC-Depleted Marine Subsurface Sediments of the Pacific Ocean
Durbin A, Biddle J, Martino A, House C, Fischer J, Spivack A, Schrum H, D'Hondt S & Teske A

(2008) A Comparative Analysis of Gas Hydrates Occurrence and Origin in Three Indian Ocean Regions
Kastner M, Spivack A, Solomon E, Torres M & Robertson G

(2007) Bionergetics of the Buried Seafloor
Spivack A

(2006) Scientific drilling of a cold-water carbonate mound: Shipboard biogeochemical results from IODP Expedition 307
Ferdelman T, Cragg B, Frank T, Gharib J, Leonide P, Mangelsdorf K, Sakai S, Samarkin V, Spivack A, Kano A & Williams T

(2005) Chlorine Stable Isotopes in Two Subduction Zones: Nankai Trough and Mariana, and Implication for Fluid-Sediment Interactions and Fluid Flow
Wei W, Kastner M & Spivack A

(2002) Hydrogen Concentrations in Deeply Buried Marine Sediments: Determination of Concentrations and Utilization Rates
Spivack A & Smith D

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