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All abstracts by Jorge E. Spangenberg in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Foraminiferal Multi-Species Stable Isotope Plots for Paleo-Water Mass Reconstruction: Examples from the Gulf of Cadiz and Alboran Sea
Rueggeberg A, Stalder C, Spangenberg JE, Van Rooij D, Foubert A & Spezzaferri S

(2017) Petroleum as Source and Carrier of Metals in Epigenetic Sediment-Hosted Mineralisation
Saintilan N, Spangenberg J, Chiaradia M, Chelle-Michou C, Stephens M & Fontboté L

(2013) Highly Dynamic Cellular-Level Response of Symbiotic Coral to Sudden Increase in Environmental Nitrogen
Kopp C, Pernice M, Domart-Coulon I, Spangenberg J, Djediat C, Alexander D, Hignette M, Hignette T & Meibom A

(2011) How to Safely Store Water Samples Prior to Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Analyses?
Spangenberg JE

(2010) High Cd Concentrations in Bajocian Carbonates in the Swiss Jura Mountains: Evidences for Hydrothermal Input
Efimenko N, Spangenberg J, Schneider J, Chiaradia M, Adatte T, Matera V & Föllmi K

(2010) The Pb-Zn Deposit of Jalta (Northern Tunisia): A Genetic Model Based on Mineralogy, Petrography, and Metallic Trace Elements and Isotope (S, C, O, Pb) Geochemistries
Jemmali N, Souissi F, Vennemann T, Spangenberg J, Villa IM & Bogdanov K

(2009) Geochemical Study of a Marine Shelf in SW-Gondwana: The Aftermath of Neoproterozoic Glaciations
Velasquez M, Spangenberg J, Gaucher C & Boggiani P

(2009) Chemical Characterization of the 5 Millenia Old Leather found in the Melting Schnidejoch Ice-Patch, Swiss Alps
Spangenberg JE, Ferrer M, Volken M, Volken S, Tschudin P & Hafner A

(2009) The Stable H and O Isotope Analysis of Small Highly Saline Water Samples: A Methodological Study
De Haller A, Spangenberg JE, Smuda J & Koroleva M

(2009) A Provenance Study of Marbles from the Roman Town of Thamusida (Mauretania Tingitana, Northern Morocco)
Origlia F, Spangenberg JE, Turbanti Memmi I & Papi E

(2009) Chemical Analyses of Lipids Preserved in Iron Age Pottery from Bibracte, France
Avellan C & Spangenberg JE

(2009) Tracing Soil Carbon Cycle and the Origin of Needle Fibre Calcite
Millière L, Hasinger O, Bindschedler S, Cailleau G, Spangenberg J & Verrecchia EP

(2009) Hydrological and Atmospheric Changes during the Last 325 kyr in the Tropical Indian Ocean
Ferrer M, Grimalt JO & Spangenberg JE

(2008) Tailings Deposition in Hyper-Arid Climate: Stable Isotopes as Tracer of Geochemical and Mixing Processes
Smuda JG, Spangenberg JE & Dold B

(2008) The Khibiny Complex (NW Russia) – An Example of Mixed-Source Hydrocarbons in Plutonic Rocks
Beeskow-Strauch B, Treloar PJ, Rankin AH, Vennemann TW & Spangenberg JE

(2008) Variation of δ2H and δ18O Values of Water Stored in PET Bottles
Spangenberg JE & Vennemann TW

(2008) Tracking the Biogeochemistry of an Ediacaran Basin in SW-Gondwana by Isotopes and Biomarkers
Velasquez M, Spangenberg JE, Gaucher C & Boggiani P

(2008) Redefinition of the Permian-Triassic Boundary in Velebit Mt., Croatia: New Geochemical and Isotope Data
Fio K, Spangenberg JE, Sremac J, Vlahović I & Velić I

(2007) C32 N-Alkan-1-Ol as Specific Indicator of c4 Tropical Plants in Marine Sediments
Ferrer M, Grimalt J & Spangenberg JE

(2007) Biogeochemical Insight on the Origin of Carbonaceous Matter in Metalliferous Lowest Cambrian Black Shale, South China
Spangenberg JE & Frimmel HE

(2007) Molecular and Isotopic Biogeochemistry of Neoproterozoic Sediments in the Rio de la Plata Craton
Velasquez M, Spangenberg JE, Gaucher C & Boggiani PC

(2006) Stable Isotope Composition of Waters from Porphyry Copper Mine Tailings in Different Climatic Environments, Chile
Spangenberg JE, Dold B, Vogt M-L & Pfeifer H-R

(2006) Geochemical Evidence for Environmental Changes at the Permian-Triassic Transition, Mt. Velebit, Croatia
Fio K, Spangenberg JE, Sremac J, Vlahovic I, Velic I & Mrinjek E

(2006) Tracing Water and Dissolved Sulfate Sources in Active Mine Tailings Using S, H and O Isotopes
Smuda J, Spangenberg JE & Dold B

(2004) Organic Geochemistry of Lower Liassic Sediments in the Northern Tethys Margin (Frick, Swiss Jura)
Schwab V & Spangenberg J

(2004) Hydrogeochemistry of the Active Tailings Impoundment Talabre, Chuquicamata, Chile
Dold B, Vogt M, Spangenberg J & Kobek M

(2004) Organic Geochemistry of Ljubija Siderite Ore Deposit, NW Bosnia
Strmic S, Spangenberg J & Palinkas L

(2004) Origin of the PAH – Hg Association at Idrija Deposit (Slovenia)
Lavric J & Spangenberg J

(2004) Chemical Evidence for Dairying at the Neolithic Lake-Shore Settlement Arbon Bleiche 3, Switzerland
Spangenberg J, Jacomet S & Schibler J

(2002) Chemical and Isotopic Variations in Hydrocarbons from a Metamorphic Black Shale Sequence (100-500℃)
Schwab V, Spangenberg JE & Hunziker J

(2002) Aromatic Hydrothermal Petroleum from a Mercury Deposit (Idrija, Slovenia)
Lavric JV & Spangenberg JE

(2002) Study of Water-Soluble Sulfates in Tailings Profiles from Porphyry Copper Deposits by Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopes
Dold B & Spangenberg JE

(2002) Biogeochemistry of an Alpine-Type Zinc-Lead Mineralization
Spangenberg JE & Spanic D

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