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All abstracts by Guillaume Soulet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Microbial Communities in the Weathering Zone—implications for Oxidative Weathering
Georgiadis E, Roylands T, McClymont E, Christgen B, Gray N, Le Bouteiller C, Soulet G, Eglinton TI, Magnabosco C, Hemingway JD & Hilton R

(2023) Quantifying Petrogenic Organic Carbon Weathering Fluxes and Associated CO2 Release Using Dissolved Rhenium in Rivers
Dellinger M, Hilton R, Ogric M, Horan K, Grant KE, Soulet G & West AJ

(2023) Climate Controls on Carbon Dioxide Release from Sedimentary Rock Weathering: Insight from in situ Measurements and Carbon Isotopes
Hilton R, Roylands T, Soulet G & Garnett MH

(2021) Environmental Controls on Rock-Derived Carbon Dioxide Emissions
Roylands T, Soulet G, Garnett MH & Hilton RG

(2019) Investigating Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Oxidative Weathering of Sedimentary Organic Matter
Roylands T, Hilton RG, Garnett MH, Soulet G, Newton JA & Ogrič M

(2018) Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Sedimentary Rock Weathering: New Insight from a Paired Catchment Approach
Ogric M, Hilton R, Dellinger M, Turchyn A, Soulet G & Klotz S

(2017) Direct Measurement of CO2 Flux and its Isotopic Composition Released during Oxidative Weathering of Sedimentary Rocks
Soulet G, Hilton RG, Garnett MH, Klotz S, Dellinger M & Ogric M

(2017) Erosion Drives Carbon Dioxide Emissions by Weathering of Rock-Derived Organic Carbon
Hilton R, Dellinger M, Horan K, Soulet G, Ogric M, West AJ & Gaillardet J

(2011) Binge/Purge Oscillations of the Thawing Fennoscandian Ice Sheet Revealed by εNd and Biomarkers
Soulet G, Ménot G, Bayon G, Rostek F, Ponzevera E, Lericolais G & Bard E

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