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All abstracts by Adam Soule in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Ocean’s Response to the 2018 Kīlauea Volcano Eruption
Wilson S, Hawco N, Barone B, Boysen A, DeLong E, Dugenne M, Dutkiewicz S, Dyhrman S, Ferron S, Follows M, Foreman R, Funkey C, German C, Harke M, Hill C, Huber J, Knapp A, Letelier R, Shimabukuro E, Soule A, Turk-Kubo K, White A, Zehr J, John S & Karl D

(2018) Heterogeneity in Magmatic Processes and Mantle Composition: Seamounts at the Edge of the Galápagos Hotspot
Schwartz D, Wanless VD & Soule SA

(2018) Interpreting Popping Rocks from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near 14°N
Jones M, Soule A, Kurz M, Wanless D, Brodsky H, Bendanda S, Schwartz D, Peron S, Klein F, Le Roux V, Mittelstaedt E, Fornari D & Curtice J

(2018) Sill Intrusion, Sediment Alteration, and Hydrothermal Activity in Off- and on-Axis Environments of Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California
Seewald J, Sylva S, Soule A & Saccocia P

(2013) Timescale and Petrogenesis of 2009 and Older W. Mata Boninite Magmas
Rubin K, Michael P, Gill J, Clague D, Plank T, Escrig S, Glancy S, Todd E, Cooper L, Keller N, Soule A, Hellebrand E, Kelley K, Cottrell L, Jenner F, Arculus R, Ruprecht P, Lupton J, Langmuir C & Embley R

(2007) Magmatic Architecture and Geochemical Variability at the 9°N Segment of the East Pacific Rise
Maclennan J, Perfit M, Fornari D, Ridley I & Soule A

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