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All abstracts by Luis Somoza in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Hydrothermal Input in Fe-Mn Crusts from Canary Islands Seamount Province: LA-ICP-MS Analyses and Fe Isotopes
Marino E, González FJ, Lunar R, Somoza L, Medialdea T, Kuhn T, Wegorzewski A & Oeser M

(2019) Analysing the Distribution of Marine Mineral Deposits Across European Seas: A New Perspective from the EMODnet-Geology Project
Medialdea T, Judge M, González FJ, Somoza L, Terrinha P & Marino E

(2017) Sequential Leaching to Distinguish Genetic Processes in Fe-Mn Crusts from the NE Atlantic
Marino E, González FJ, Lunar R, Somoza L, Medialdea T, Reyes J & Castillo Carrión M

(2016) Microscopic Structure and Related Geochemistry of Fe-Mn Crusts from Canary Seamounts (Central East Atlantic)
Marino E, González J, Lunar R, Somoza L & Medialdea T

(2016) Hydrothermal Co-rich Mn Nodules and Stratabound Mn Deposits from Galicia Bank (NE Atlantic)
González J, Somoza L, Hein J, Medialdea T, León R, Urgorri V, Reyes J & Martín-Rubí J

(2015) Strategic Elements REEs and PGEs in Fe-Mn Crusts from the Canary Seamounts: Preliminary Study
Marino E, González FJ, Lunar R, Somoza L, Ortega L, Bellido E & Reyes J

(2011) Microbial Induced Mineralization in Co-rich Ferromanganese Crusts from the Scotia Sea
González FJ, Somoza L, Maldonado A, Torres T & Ortiz JE

(2010) Thermogenic Hydrocarbons in Fe-Mn Nodules from the Gulf of Cadiz: A New Tool for Oil and Gas Exploration
González FJ, Somoza L, Torres T, Ortiz JE, Lunar R, Martínez-Frías J, Medialdea T & León R

(2008) Strontium Isotope Profiles Across Ferromanganese Nodules from the Gulf of Cadiz (Eastern Central Atlantic): Growth History Records
González FJ, Fietzke J, Somoza L, Lunar R & Martínez-Frías J

(2007) Mud-Breccia Clasts and Sediments as Nucleation Sites for Hydrocarbon-Derived Ferromanganese Nodules in Carbonate-Mud Mounds from the Gulf of Cadiz
González J, Somoza L, Lunar R, Martínez-Frías J, Martín-Rubí JA, Torres T, Ortiz JE & Díaz del Río V

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