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All abstracts by Colin Snape in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Warm Arctic Peatlands – Future Methane Factories?
Marshall C, Large D, Meredith W, Snape C, Spiro B & Jochmann M

(2009) Degradation of Oil via Combination Reactions Under Water Pressure in Geological Basins
Uguna C, Meredith W, Snape C, Al Masroori H, Carr A, Scotchman I & Davis R

(2009) Hydropyrolysis as a Method for Radiocarbon Pre-Treatment, and the Quantification of Black Carbon
Meredith W, Ascough P, Snape C, Large D, Bird M, Brock F, Higham T, Wood R & Vane C

(2004) Rapid Screening of Microbial Cultures and Organic Macromolecules to Assess Biomarker Lipid Contents Using Catalytic Hydropyrolysis
Love G, Bowden S, Snape C, Jahnke L & Summons R

(2004) Hydropyrolytic Release of Hopane and Sterane Biomarkers from 2.7 Ga Kerogens
Eigenbrode J, Freeman K, Love G, Snape C & Summons R

(2002) Hydropyrolysis of the Organic Macromolecular Material in the Murchison Meteorite
Watson JS, Sephton M, Love G, Verchovsky S, Snape C & Gilmour I

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