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All abstracts by Victoria Smith in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) A Numerical Model for Apatite Cl-Oh-F Evolution and Quantitative Interpretation of Magmatic Processes
Humphreys M, Coumans J, Stock M, Smith V, Riker J, Brooker R & de Hoog C-J

(2016) Constraining the Evolving Volatile and Melt Geochemistry of Magma Reservoirs Using Apatite
Humphreys M, Stock M, Riker J, Smith V & Brooker R

(2015) Millennial-Scale Variability in Arc Volcanism; Insights from Volcán Mocho-Choshuenco, Chile
Rawson H, Pyle D, Mather T, Smith V, Fontijn K, Lachowycz S & Naranjo J

(2014) Fe Oxidation State in Hydrous Magmas during Ascent and Degassing
Humphreys M, Brooker R, Fraser D, Burgisser A, Mangan M, McCammon C & Smith V

(2013) The Y-3 Tephra: New Insights
Albert P, Hardiman M, Keller J, Tomlinson E, Müller U, Smith V & Menzies M

(2013) Using Tephra Layers to Provide Absolute and Relative Chronologies for Sedimentary Archives: An Example from the Lake Suigetsu SG06 Record from Japan
Smith V, Staff R, Mark D, Blockley S, Bronk Ramsey C & Nakagawa T

(2013) Tephra from Ischia: Dating Eruptions and Geochemical Changes
Tomlinson E, Albert P, Wulf S, Civetta L, Brown R, Smith V, Keller J, Orsi G & Menzies M

(2012) Reconstructing the Toba Magmatic System: Insights from Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Budd D, Troll V, Jolis E, Deegan F, Smith V, Whitehouse M, Harris C, Freda C, Hilton D & Halldorsson S

(2011) Toward Establishing Precise Chronologies for the Integration of Late Pleistocene Palaeoclimate Archives: An Example from Suigetsu SG06, Japan
Smith V, Mark D, Staff R, Blockley S, Bronk Ramsey C, Bryant C, Nakagawa T, Kim KH, Weh A, Takemura K & Danhara T

(2011) Probing the Toba Super-Eruption: Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Zoned Quartz Phenocrysts
Budd D, Troll V, Muñoz-Jolis E, Deegan F, Smith V, Whitehouse M, Freda C, Harris C & Hilton D

(2011) New Juvenile Glass Chemistry from Colli Albani, Italy and its Use for Understanding Petrogenesis
Cross J, Smith V, Giordano G, Tomlinson E, Roberge J & Menzies M

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