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All abstracts by Christopher Smith in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) High Resolution FTIR Mapping of Natural Diamonds
Speich L, Kohn SC, Walter MJ, Bulanova GP & Smith CB

(2015) Exploring the Controls on Glacial-Interglacial Oceanic (234U/238U) Variation
Beasley M, Robinson L, Chen T, Richards D, Nita D, Smith C, Andersen M, Wadham J & Telling J

(2015) Water Dissolved in Silicate Mineral Inclusions in Diamonds
Kohn SC, Bulanova G & Smith C

(2014) Water Content of Stishovite, Majorite, and Perovskite Inclusions in Juina Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey S, Hauri E, Thomson A, Bulanova G, Smith C, Kohn S & Walter M

(2014) Transients in the Biogeochemical Reaction Zone of Subterranean Estuaries
Martin J, Cable J, Roy M & Smith C

(2014) Geophysical and Geochemical Data Reveal Large-Scale Subterranean Estuaries along the West Florida Coastal Zone
Smith CG, Swarzenski PW & Price RM

(2013) Adopting a Combined U-Th-Pb Strategy to Date Speleothems >200 ka
Smith C, Richards D, Condon D, Horstwood M, Parrish R, Woodhead J & Ford D

(2013) Water Content of Inclusions in Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey SB, Hauri EH, Thomson AR, Bulanova GP, Smith CB, Kohn SC & Walter MJ

(2013) An Experimental Investigation of the Formation Mechanisms of Superdeep Diamonds
Thomson A, Walter M, Kohn S, Bulanova G & Smith C

(2013) The Redox State of Diamond-Forming Fluids: Constraints from Fe3+/Fe2+ of Garnets
Burnham A, Kohn S, Potiszil C, Walter M, Bulanova G, Thomson A & Smith C

(2013) Diamonds and their Inclusions from Dachine, French Guiana: A Record of Paleoproterozoic Subduction
Walter M, Smith C, Bulanova G, Mikhail S & Kohn S

(2013) Platelet Degradation in Diamonds. Insights from Infrared Microscopy and Implications for the Thermal Evolution of Cratonic Mantle
Kohn S, Wibberley E, Smith C, Bulanova G & Walter M

(2012) Multiple Growth Events in Diamonds from Murowa; Evidence from FTIR Mapping of N and H Defects
Kohn S, Bulanova G, Smith C, Walter M, Marks A & McKay A

(2012) An Assessment of Submarine Groundwater Discharge and its Nearshore Ecological Impacts: Examples from the U.S. West-Coast and Hawai’i
Swarzenski P, Smith C, Ganguli P, Izbicki J & Sheibley R

(2012) Evidence for the Role of Carbonate Melts in the Origin of Superdeep Diamond Inclusions from the Juina-5 Kimberlite, Brazil
Thomson A, Walter M, Kohn S, Russell B, Bulanova G, Araujo D & Smith C

(2012) Coastal Groundwater Discharge Near Kahekili Beach Park, Lahaina, Maui, Hawai'i
Swarzenski P, Smith C, Storlazzi C, Diaz L & Dailer M

(2011) Taking Advantage of Both U-Th and U-Pb Disequilibrium Methods for Speleothem Geochronology
Richards D, Smith C, Smart P, Farrant A, Parrish R & Ford D

(2011) Experimental Investigation of Garnet-Cpx Geobarometers in Eclogites
Pickles J, Blundy J, Sweeney R & Smith C

(2011) Subducted Oceanic Crust Exhumed from the Lower Mantle
Kohn S, Walter M, Araujo D, Bulanova G & Smith C

(2005) Archean Mantle beneath the Halls Creek Mobile Zone, W. Australia Revealed by Re-Os Isotopes
Luguet A, Pearson DG, Jaques AL, Bulanova GP, Smith CB, Roffey S & Rayner MJ

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