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All abstracts by Jaap S. Sinninghe Damste in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Occurrence of Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox) in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea over the Last 56 kyr
van Kemenade ZR, Hennekam R, van der Meer M, Hopmans EC, Villanueva L, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Rush D

(2021) Spatial Distribution of Lipid Biomarkers, Dinoflagellate Cysts and Pollen in Coastal Marine Surface Sediments in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Yedema Y, Sangiorgi F, Sluijs A, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Peterse F

(2021) Omics of Complex Environmental Microbial Communities
Ding S, Bale NJ, Hopmans EC, Villanueva L, Arts MGI, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2018) Isotopic Fractionation of Phytoplankton Reveals Phanerozoic pCO2 Trend
Witkowski CR, Weijers JWH, Blais B, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damste JS

(2018) Unusual Lipid Biomarkers at Terrestrial Methane Seeps in Southern Sicily, Italy
Smit NT, Grassa F, Rush D, Villanueva L, Hopmans EC, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Schouten S

(2017) Marine Group II Euryarchaeota Only Produce GDGT-0 in the Marine Water Column
Besseling MA, Hopmans EC, Koenen M, van der Meer M, Vreugdenhil S, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Villanueva L

(2016) Markers for Biomass Burning in Saharan Dust and Marine Sinking Particles
Schreuder LT, Hopmans EC, Stuut J-BW, Sinninghe Damste JS & Schouten S

(2016) The Impact of Oxic Degradation on Long Chain Diol Proxies: A Laboratory Study
Reiche S, Rampen SW, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Schouten S

(2016) The Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Marine Phytoplankton throughout the Phanerozoic
Witkowski CR, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2016) The C32 Alkane-1, 15-Diol as a Tracer for Riverine Input in Coastal Seas
Lattaud J, De Jonge C, Kim J-H, Zell C, Sinninghe-Damste J & Schouten S

(2016) Constraints on the Application of Long Chain Diol Proxies in Sediments of the Iberian Atlantic Margin
de Bar M, Dorhout D, Sinninghe Damsté J & Schouten S

(2015) Controls on Anoxia in the Baltic Sea
Warden L, Moros M, Sollai M & Sinninghe Damsté J

(2015) Organic Proxies for Palaeotemperature Assessment: Prospects and Problems
Sinninghe Damste J

(2015) Microbial Membrane Lipid Distribution Shifts in Baltic Sea Subsurface Sediment Enrichment Cultures
Moore E, Ozuolmez D, Plugge C, Hopmans E & Sinninghe Damste J

(2015) Sources and Sinks of Branched Glycerol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraethers and Bacteriohopanepolyols in the Major Yenisei River System and Kara Sea (Siberia)
De Jonge C, Stadnitskaia A, Talbot HM & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2014) Seasonal Variability of Branched Glycerol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraethers in a Temperate Lake System
Loomis S, Russell J, Heureux A, D'Andrea W & Sinninghe Damsté J

(2014) Why Does the TEX86 Seem to Work in Sediments of Lake Malawi?
Werne J, Woltering M, Halbur J, Sinninghe Damsté J, Schouten S, Munoz-Ucros J & Hicks R

(2014) D/H Ratios of Fatty Acids as a Tool to Infer the Metabolism of Microbial Communities
Heinzelmann S, Villanueva L, Schouten S, Sinninghe Damste J & van der Meer M

(2014) The Impact of Oxic Degradation on the Novel Long Chain Diol Temperature Proxy
Rodrigo-Gámiz M, Rampen SW, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2014) Potential Application of Branched Tetraether Lipids as Palaeo-Environmental and Palaeoclimatic Proxies in Lakes and Marine Systems
Sinninghe Damste J

(2014) Impact of Species Composition on Paleosalinity Reconstructions from Coastal δD Alkenone Records
van der Meer M, M'Boule D, Kasper S, Chivall D, Sinke D, Schefuss E, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damste J

(2014) Anammox: Source of BHT Stereoisomer in Marine Sediments
Rush D, Sinninghe Damsté J, Poulton S, Thamdrup B, Acuna Gonzalez J, Schouten S, Jetten M & Talbot H

(2013) Controls on Redox-Nutrient Cycling in the Cretaceous Greenhouse Ocean: Insights from S Isotope Systematics
Poulton S, Henkel S, März C, Urquhart H, Flögel S, Kasten S, Sinninghe Damsté J & Wagner T

(2012) Intact Polar Tetraether Lipids in the Arabian Sea Water Column and Sediments: Implications for TEX86 Paleothermometry
Schouten S, Lengger S, Pitcher A, Hopmans E, Villanueva L & Sinninghe Damste J

(2011) δD of Alkenones as Proxy for Paleo Sea Surface Salinity
van der Meer M, Kasper S, Benthien A, Bijma J, Zahn R, Sinninghe Damsté JS & Schouten S

(2011) Validation and Application of a Novel, Terrestrial Biomarker-Based Paleo Thermometer to Holocene Sediments of Lake Cadagno, Switzerland
Niemann H, Wirth SB, Stadnitskaia A, Gilli A, Anselmetti FS, Sinninghe Damsté JS, Schouten S, Hoppmans EC & Lehmann MF

(2010) Parallel Trends in Middle Eocene Temperatures and Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Concentration?
Bijl PK, Houben AJP, Schouten S, Bohaty SM, Sluijs A, Reichart G-J, Sinninghe Damste JS & Brinkhuis H

(2010) Fossilized Microbes in Methane-Derived Carbonates: False Interpretation or the True Evidence?
Stadnitskaia A, Kars S, Lustenhouwer WJ, Liebetrau V & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2009) Half-Precessional Dynamics of Monsoon Rainfall Near the East African Equator: Implications for Indian Ocean ITCZ Migration over the Past 25, 000 Years
Verschuren D, Sinninghe Damsté J, Moernaut J, Kristen I, Blaauw M, Fagot M & Haug G

(2009) Oceanic Anoxia, Organic Carbon Burial and Climate Change during OAE-2
Sinninghe Damste J, Mueller A, van Bentum E, Reichart G-J & Schouten S

(2009) Evolution of Sea Surface Temperatures in the Eocene and Oligocene Reconstructed Using Organic Proxies
Schouten S, Bohaty S, Houben S, Bijl P, Sluijs A, Eldrett J, Harding I, Sinninghe Damste J & Brinkhuis H

(2009) Estimating Soil Organic Carbon Input to Marine Sediments
Weijers J, Schouten S, Schefuss E, Schneider R & Sinninghe Damsté J

(2008) Integrated Biomarker Records Reveal Complex and Dramatic Changes in High Latitude Climate during the Paleogene
Handley L, Hollis C, Crouch E, Schouten S, Huber M, Morgans H, Pearson P, Sinninghe Damsté J, Burgess C & Pancost R

(2008) Tracking Soil Organic Matter Export Across the Continent-Ocean Interface: A Case Study of the NW Mediterranean Using the BIT Index
Kim J-H, Buscail R, Bzarzycka B, Kerhervé P, Peterse F, Schouten S, Ludwig W & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2008) Application of Ladderane Lipids as a Proxy for Past Anammox Activity
Jaeschke A, Ziegler M, Reichart G-J, Hopmans EC, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2007) The Magnitude of Ocean Warming during the PETM: Implications for Forcing and Climate Sensitivity
Zachos J, McCarren H, Bohaty S, John C, Sluijs A, Brinkhuis H, Sinninghe Damste J, Schouten S & Sloan L

(2007) Development and Application of Novel Organic Proxies
Schouten S, Weijers J, Peterse F, van der Meer M & Sinninghe Damste J

(2007) Eastern Mediterranean Sapropel Formation and Preservation; Diagenesis Versus Palaeoceanography
De Lange GJ, Slomp C, Crudeli D, Corselli C, Thomson J, Ferreira A, Sinninghe-Damste J & Vale C

(2007) Bacterial Tetraether Membrane Lipids in Soils and their Application in Palaeoenvironmental Studies
Weijers J, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté J

(2007) Thermally Altered Early Silurian Cyanobacterial Mats: Biomarkers and 15N Isotopic Signatures
Bauersachs T, Schouten S, Sinninghe Damste JS & Kremer B

(2006) The carbon isotope stratigraphy of the PETM – new records from bacterial and higher plant biomarkers
Handley L, Hawkins E, Steart D, Collinson M, Scott A, Crouch E, Sinninghe Damste J & Pancost R

(2005) The Development of TEX86 for Continental Paleotemperature Reconstruction: Problems and Promise
Powers L, Werne J, Johnson T, Hopmans E, Sinninghe Damsté J & Schouten S

(2002) Geochemical and Environmental Importance of Marine Archaea
Schouten S, Hopmans E, Schefuss E, Wuchter C & Sinninghe Damste JS

(2001) The Use of Biomarkers in Peats to Reconstruct Palaeoclimate
Pancost RD, Baas M, van Geel B, Hopmans EC, Schouten S, Allen G & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2000) Carbon Isotopic Variability between Carbohydrates and Lipids within a Single Organism: An Explanation of the Enriched *13CTOC Values in the Kimmeridge Clay Formation
van Dongen BE, Pancost RD, Schouten S & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2000) The Mid-Pleistocene Climate Transition: Insight from Organic Geochemical Records from the Tropical Atlantic
Schefuss E, Pancost RD, Jansen JHF & Sinninghe Damsté JS

(2000) Lipid Biomarkers in Carbonate Crusts from Mud Volcanoes of the Eastern Mediterranean Ridge: Implications for Methane Oxidation
Bouloubassi I, Aloisi G, Pancost RD, Sinninghe Damste JS, Pierre C & Medinaut Scientific Party 

(2000) Heterogeneity of Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizing Archaeal Communities in the Mediterranean Inferred from Lipid Distributions and Carbon Isotopic Compositions
Pancost R, Hopmans E, Werne J & Sinninghe Damste J

(2000) Compound-Specific Stable Carbon Isotopes: The Effect of Biosynthetic Pathways
Schouten S, Özdirekcan S, van Dongen BE, van der Meer MT & Sinninghe Damsté JS

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