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All abstracts by Sunil Kumar Singh Singh in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Trace Element Biogeochemistry in the Northern Indian Ocean
Singh SK, Chinni V, Goswami V & Singh SP

(2015) Nd in the Arabian Sea: Water Mass Mixing vs Particle – Water Interaction
Damodararao K, Singh SK, Bhushan R & Rai VK

(2014) Isotopic Evidence of Mantle Contribution to Ladakh Accretionary Prism (India)
Kharya A, Sachan HK, Singh SK & Gupta AK

(2014) δ98Mo in the Ganga River and Estuary
Goswami V, Singh SK & Rai VK

(2014) Dissolved Nd in the Ganga River System and its Flux to the Bay of Bengal
Chatterjee J & Singh SK

(2013) Dissolved Barium Distribution and Cycling in the Bay of Bengal
Singh SP & Singh SK

(2012) Temporal Variation in 187Os/188Os of the Arabian Seawater
Goswami V & Singh S

(2012) Distribution of Dissolved Neodymium and Nd in the Bay of Bengal
Singh SK & Singh SP

(2011) Geochemical and Isotopic Composition of Quartzites Near the MCT Zone (Garhwal Himalaya, India): Implications to their Provenance & Deposition
Rai SK, Singh SK & Sachan HK

(2011) Ba, Sr and 87Sr/86Sr in Indian Estuaries: Impact of Submarine Groundwater Discharge
Rahaman WR & Singh SKS

(2011) Re-Os Isotopes and Redox-Sensitive Elements of the Himalayan Black Shales: Implications to Marine Anoxia Near the Pc-C Boundary
Tripathy GR & Singh SK

(2009) Climate-Erosion Coupling over the Himalaya during Past ~100 ka
Rahaman W & Singh SK

(2009) Rhenium in Indian Estuaries and High Re in the Gulf of Cambay
Rahaman W & Singh SK

(2002) The Climatic Control of Weathering in the Himalayan River System
France-Lanord C, Galy A & Singh S

(2002) Erosion Distribution in the Eastern Himalaya Traced by Sr-Nd Isotopic Compositions of River Sediments
Singh SK & France-Lanord C

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