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All abstracts by Justin Simon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Lead Isotopes in Olivine-Phyric Shergottite Tissint: Implications for the Geochemical Evolution of the Shergottite Source Mantle
Moriwaki R, Usui T, Simon J, Jones J & Yokoyama T

(2015) Evidence from Hydrogen Isotopes in Meteorites for a Subsurface Hydrogen Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2013) Potassium Stable Isotopic Compositions Measured by High-Resolution MC-ICP-MS
Morgan L, Lloyd N, Ellam R, Simon J & Tappa M

(2012) Evidence from D/H and Volatile Abundances of Impact Melts for a Surficial Water Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2011) Martian Magmatic Volatiles Recorded in Olivine-Bearing Melt Inclusions and Matrix of Shergottite Y-980459
Jones J, Usui T, Alexander CO, Wang J & Simon J

(2010) Hf Isotopes in Zircon: Implications for Magma Evolution at Long Valley
Simon JI, DePaolo DJ, Weis D, Renne P & Mundil R

(2009) Origin of the Calcium Isotopic Composition of Rocky Planets
Simon J & DePaolo D

(2005) New Isotopic Measurements of Zircon and Feldspar Constrain the Magmatic Evolution at Long Valley Caldera
Simon J, Reid M & Young E

(2002) Differentiation Processes in a High-Silica Rhyolite as Recorded in Plagioclase Crystals from Taupo Volcano, New Zealand
Charlier BLA, Davidson JP, Wilson CJN & Simon JI

(2002) The Bishop Tuff: A Direct Descendant of Glass Mountain Rhyolite? Probably not
Simon J & Reid M

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