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All abstracts by Whendee Silver in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) The Impact of Redox Fluctuations on Mineral-Organic Matter Associations and Microbial Carbon Transformations in Tropical Forest Soils
Bhattacharyya A, Campbell A, Lin Y, Tfaily M, Silver W, Weber P, Nico P & Pett-Ridge J

(2017) Monitoring Hot Spots and Hot Moments of Redox, Iron and Carbon Cycling in Puerto Rican Soils
Barcellos D, Silver W, O'Connell C, Noor N & Thompson A

(2017) Redox Fluctuation Shapes Microbial Community Structure and Mineral-Organic Relations in a Humid Tropical Soil
Pett-Ridge J, Campbell A, Bhattacharyya A, Gross A, Lin Y, Tfaily M, Nico P & Silver W

(2016) Soil Iron Reduction and Carbon Mineralization in Reconstructed Aggregates during Redox Fluctiations
Barcellos D, Silver W, Pett-Ridge J & Thompson A

(2014) Characterization of the Acidophilic, Iron Reducer, Geobacter sp. FeAm09
Healy O, Souchek J, Heithoff A, LaMere B, Pan D, Hollis G, Yang W, Silver W & Weber K

(2008) Biogeochemical Cycling in the Critical Zone: From Process to Pattern and Back Again
Silver W

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