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All abstracts by Claus Siebe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Linking Sulfur Degassing and Magmatic Redox at Socorro and San Benedicto Islands, Mexico
Lippitt R, Kelley K, Andrys J, Carey S, Widom E & Siebe C

(2022) Unravelling the Evolution of the Late Holocene Monogenetic Volcano Cluster, Zacapu Basin, Mexico: Crystal Fractionation, Crustal Assimilation, or Mantle Source Heterogeneity?
Reyes Guzman N, Widom E, Siebe C, Larrea P & Kuentz D

(2021) Paricutin Volcano (Michoacán, Mexico): Petrogenesis and Magma Dynamics of a Nine-Year Historical Monogenetic Eruption
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Albert H, Ubide T, Costa F, Colás V, Salinas S & Kuentz D

(2021) Multi-Isotope Systematics of the AD ~500-700 El Astillero and El Pedregal Monogenetic Cluster (Michoacán, Mexico)
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Kuentz D & Salinas S

(2020) El Astillero and El Pedregal Monogenetic Volcanoes (Michoacán, Mexico): A Multi-Isotopic Study of the Eruptive Sequence
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Parra D & Salinas S

(2019) Origin of Bimodal Magmatism in Continental Arcs: The Case of Las Derrumbadas Area, Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt
Guilbaud M-N, Pedroza Aldana KG, Chedeville-Monzo C & Siebe C

(2015) Parícutin Volcano: A Multi- Isotopic Study of the Eruptive Sequence
Larrea P, Widom E, Siebe C, Salinas S & Guilbaud MN

(2011) Constraining Magma-Carbonate Interaction at Vesuvius, Italy: Insights from Stable Isotopes and Experimental Petrology
Jolis EM, Troll V, Harris C, Freda C, Orsi G, Siebe C, Blythe L, Deegan F, Misiti V & Civetta L

(2010) Os Isotope Systematics of Jorullo Lavas, Mexico: Petrogenetic Implications
Rasoazanamparany C, Widom E, Siebe C, Guilbaud MN, Salinas S & Valdez G

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