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All abstracts by Jeremiah Shuster in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Exploring Microbial Contribution to the Biogeochemical Cycling of Gold from the Genomic and Proteomic Perspective
Sanyal SK, Brugger J, Etschmann B & Shuster J

(2023) Mobility of Phosphorus Regulated by Microbial Co-reduction of iron(III) and Sulfate in Mixed Cultures
Wan B, Joshi P, Shuster J, Fischer S, Kappler A & Mansor M

(2020) The Biogeochemistry of Precious Metals; in Memorium of Frank Reith
Reith F, Shuster J & Southam G

(2020) Heavy-Metal Contamination Impacts Au Biogeochemical Cycling
Sanyal SK, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Reith F & Shuster J

(2020) Biogeochemistry of Critical Metals and the Flinders Ranges Natural Laboratory
Brugger J, Reith F, Sanyal S, Shuster J & Etschmann B

(2020) Tellurium Biogeochemistry in the World’s Richest Tellurium Hotspot
Missen O, Brugger J, Mills S, Etschmann B, Ram R & Shuster J

(2019) Gold Biogeochemical Cycling Promotes the Enrichment of Metallophilic Bacteria Living on Placer Gold Particles
Sanyal SK, Shuster J & Reith F

(2019) Terraced Iron Formations: Biogeochemical Processes Contributing to Microfossil Preservation
Shuster J, Rea MA, Etschmann B, Brugger J & Reith F

(2018) Surface Mediated Bacteria-Mineral Interactions: Mineral Dissolution and Re-precipitation
Southam G, Gagen E, Levett A, Bostelmann H, Shuster J, Long P, McCutcheon J & Vasconcelos P

(2017) Development and Implementation of a Gold Mobility Model
Mohajer M, Hommel J, Shuster J & Reith F

(2017) Environmental Gold Cycling: The Need for a Kinetic Model
Reith F, Shuster J, Mohajer M & Hommel J

(2017) Cultured Bacterial Communities from Australian and African Gold Grains
Sanyal SK, Rea MAD, Shuster J & Reith F

(2017) The Biogeochemical Cycling of Silver in Acidic Surface Environments
Shuster J, Southam G & Reith F

(2016) Biogeochemical Formation of Secondary Gold Particles: Implications for Gold Dispersion
Shuster J, Ateh KI, Márquez-Zavalía MF, Suh CE, Reith F & Southam G

(2016) Evidence of Biogeochemical Processes in Iron Duricrust Formation
Levett A, Gagen E, Shuster J & Southam G

(2016) Microbial Beachrock Formation: Implications for Island Stability in the Great Barrier Reef
McCutcheon J, Nothdurft L, Webb G, Shuster J, Nothdurft L, Paterson D & Southam G

(2015) Gold Grain Structure and Chemistry: Relics of Biogeochemical Processes
Shuster J, Reith F & Southam G

(2014) Biogeochemical Cycling of Gold: Nanoparticle Formation and Accretion
Shuster J, Reith F & Southam G

(2012) The in situ Occurrence of Bacteria on Gold Grain Surfaces: Implications for Bacterial Contributions to Gold Nugget Structure and Chemistry
Shuster J, Johnston C, Magarvey N, Gordon R, Banerjee N & Southam G

(2012) Gold Complexation within a Halophilic Cyanobacterium
Summers K, Shuster J, Stillman M & Southam G

(2011) The Effect of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria on the Stability of the Gold-Thiosulfate Complex
Shuster J, Smith A, Bolin T & Southam G

(2010) An Infrared Study of Modern and Paleo-Filamentous Bacteria from Rio Tinto, Spain
Preston LJ, Shuster J, Fernández-Remolar D, Banerjee NR, Osinski GR & Southam G

(2010) Microbes Influence the Mobilization and Re-precipitation of Ag in Gossans
Izawa M, Shuster J, Banerjee N, Flemming R & Southam G

(2010) The Immobilization of Au(III) Chloride by Halophilic, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria
Shuster J, Marsden S, MacLean L, Bolin T & Southam G

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