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All abstracts by David L. Shuster in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Constraints on Lunar Surface Temperatures from Production and Diffusion of Cosmogenic 38Ar and Radiogenic 40Ar
Shuster D & Cassata W

(2014) 18O/16O and D/H of Miocene Age Pedogenic CID Goethite
Yapp C & Shuster D

(2014) Exhumation of the Eastern Lhasa Block, Southern Tibet, Inferred from Low Temperature Thermochronometry and Thermokinematic Modeling
Tremblay M, Fox M, Schmidt J, Zeitler P, Harrison TM & Shuster D

(2013) Production and Diffusion of Cosmogenic Noble Gases: Using Open-System Behavior to Study Surface Processes
Shuster D, Tremblay M & Balco G

(2013) Quantifying the Open-System Behavior of Cosmogenic Noble Gases in Quartz
Tremblay M, Shuster D & Balco G

(2011) Cosmogenic 21Ne Production Systematics in Quartz Inferred from a 25 m Sandstone Core
Balco G, Shuster D, Blard P-H, Zimmermann L & Stone J

(2011) Systematic Variations in Argon Diffusion in Feldspars
Cassata W, Renne P & Shuster D

(2011) Inferring Process from Provenance Using Apatite (U-Th)/He Ages of Coarse Sediment in Mountain Streams
Riebe CS, Lukens CE, Sklar L, Beyeler JD & Shuster DL

(2010) Latest Miocene-Pliocene Arctic Environmental Conditions Recorded in the Stable Isotope Composition of (U-Th)/He-Dated Goethite from Axel Heiberg Island
Yapp C & Shuster D

(2009) 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronology Using Plagioclase
Cassata W, Renne P & Shuster D

(2009) Identifying a Lunar Impact at ~3.3 Ga Using 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronometry
Shuster D, Weiss B & Fernandes V

(2009) Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates from Ancient Antarctic Surfaces
Stone J, Fifield K, Finkel R, Rood D, Balco G & Shuster D

(2008) Early Lunar Magnetic Fields Recorded Before the Late Heavy Bombardment
Garrick-Bethell I, Weiss B, Shuster D, Fernandes V & Becker T

(2008) 37Ar and 39Ar Diffusion in Plagioclase
Cassata W, Renne P & Shuster D

(2008) What is 4He/3He Thermochronometry Telling us About the (U-Th)/He System in Apatite?
Shuster D & Farley K

(2007) The Influence of Neutron Irradiation and Thermal Annealing on Helium Diffusivity in Apatite
Shuster D & Farley K

(2006) Evidence for radiation damage control on apatite He ages from the Grand Canyon region, Colorado Plateau
Flowers RM, Shuster DL, Farley KA & Wernicke BP

(2006) Radiation damage and helium diffusion kinetics in apatite
Shuster D, Flowers R & Farley K

(2006) (U-Th)/He and 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of weathering, Hamersley Province, Australia: implications for weathering history and landscape evolution
Heim J, Vasconcelos P, Farley K, Shuster D & Broadbent G

(2005) Dating Erosion Events Using <+>4<$>He/<+>3<$>He Thermochronometry
Farley K, Shuster D, Clark M & Maheo G

(2005) Timing of Accelerated Glacial Denudation Constrained by <+>4<$>He/<+>3<$>He Thermochronometry
Shuster D, Farley K & Ehlers T

(2003) 4He/3He Thermochronometry
Shuster D, Farley K, Sisterson J & Burnett D

(2002) Records of the Ancient Martian Magnetic Field and Climate in ALH84001
Weiss B, Vali H, Baudenbacher F, Shuster D, Stewart S & Kirschvink J

(2002) Cosmogenic 3He in Goethite
Shuster D, Farley KA & Vasconcelos PM

(2002) Using Proton-Induced 3He to Study He Diffusion Kinetics and Rock Thermal Histories
Farley K, Shuster D, Burnett D & Sisterson J

(2000) Structure of the Hawaiian Plume from the Isotopic Trail of Senescence of the Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea Volcanoes
Bryce JG, Shuster DL, Dodson A, DePaolo DJ & Kennedy BM

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