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All abstracts by Hiroshi Shukuno in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Primitive Submarine Basalts and Three Primary Magma Types from Pagan, Mariana Arc
Tamura Y, Ishizuka O, Stern R, Nunokawa A, Shukuno H, Kawabata H, Embley R, Bloomer S, Nichols A & Tatsumi Y

(2011) Mantle Diapir or Mantle Wedge Plume of NW Rota-1 Volcano, Mariana Arc
Tamura Y, Ishizuka O, Stern R, Shukuno H, Kawabata H, Embley R, Hirahara Y, Chang Q, Kimura J, Tatsumi Y, Nunokawa A & Bloomer S

(2009) Metals in Oxidized and Metasomatized Peridotite Xenoliths Derived from the Mantle Wedge
Ishimaru S, Arai S & Shukuno H

(2009) Spatial and Temporal Variability of Magmatism at the Northern End of the Mariana Trough – Interactions between Arc Magmatism and Nascent Rifting
Ishizuka O, Yuasa M, Tamura Y, Shukuno H, Stern RJ, Taylor RN, Joshima M & Naka J

(2008) Primary Andesite Melts; New Insight from NW Rota-1 Volcano
Tamura Y, Shaw A, Ishizuka O, Shukuno H & Kawabata H

(2006) Wet and dry basalt magma evolution in Torishima volcano, Izu-Bonin arc, Japan: the possible role of phengite
Tamura Y, Tani K, Chang Q, Shukuno H, Kawabata H & Fiske R

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