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All abstracts by Oliver Shorttle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Non-Traditional Stable Isotopes in Global Basalts Through Time and the Evolution of Mantle Mineralogical Heterogeneity
Williams HM, Soderman CR, Matthews S, Landon-Browne A, Puchtel IS & Shorttle O

(2022) 90 Million Years of the Galapagos Plume: The Evolution of Lithological Heterogeneity
Soderman CR, Shorttle O, Gazel E, Geist D, Matthews S & Williams HM

(2022) A Re-evaluation of the Al-in-Olivine Geothermometer
Zhang Y, Namur O, Charlier B, Li W, Shorttle O, Gazel E, Jennings E, Thy P & Grove T

(2022) Halogens in Melt Inclusions Trace Recycled Mantle Lithologies
Hartley M, Waters EC, Burgess R, Burton MR, Halldorsson SA, Pankhurst MJ, Romero Moyano J, Shorttle O & Stewart A

(2022) Did Sediment Accumulation Reshape Crustal Nutrient Inventories?
Walton CR, Shorttle O, Jenner FE & Peters S

(2021) Evolution of the Phosphorus Cycle: Sources, Sinks, and Recycling Pathways
Walton CR, Mills BJW, Williams HM & Shorttle O

(2021) Mixing between Chemically Variable Primitive Basalts Creates and Modifies Crystal Cargoes
Neave DA, Beckmann P, Namur O, Shorttle O, Behrens H & Holtz F

(2021) Iron Isotopes Trace Primordial Magma Ocean Cumulates Melting in the Earth’s Upper Mantle
Williams HM, Matthews S, Rizo H & Shorttle O

(2021) Global Trends in Novel Stable Isotopes in Basalts: Theory and Observations
Soderman CR, Shorttle O, Matthews S & Williams HM

(2021) Heavy Halogens as Tracers of Recycled Oceanic Lithosphere
Waters EC, Hartley ME, Shorttle O, Burgess R, Ruzie-Hamilton L & Halldorsson S

(2021) Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Constraints on Mantle Mineralogical Heterogeneity: Past, Present and Future
Williams HM, Soderman CR, Matthews S, Landon-Browne A, Rizo H, Puchtel IS & Shorttle O

(2020) Deconvolving the Effects of Lithology, Sorting, and Chemical Weathering Using Compositional Analysis of Irrawaddy River Sediments
Baronas JJ, Lipp A, Stevenson E, Bickle M, Shorttle O & Tipper E

(2020) The Modern Upper Crust is Altered and the Archean Upper Crust was Andesitic: Results from a Novel Analysis of Major Element Data
Lipp A, Shorttle O, Syvret F, Roberts G & Sediment Geochemistry & Paleoenvironments Project WIWG

(2020) Heavy δ57Fe in Ocean Island Basalts: Is Pyroxenite the Solution?
Soderman C, Williams H, Shorttle O, Matthews S, Jackson M, Nebel O, Ruttor S, Beier C, Turner S & Millet M-A

(2020) Lengthscales of Mantle Volatile Heterogeneity
Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J, Rudge JF & Murton B

(2020) Halogen Heterogeneity in the Icelandic Mantle Source
Waters E, Hartley M, Burgess R, Pawley A, Halldórsson S & Shorttle O

(2020) The Secret Life of Impact Breccias: Chondritic Phosphate Shock Textures
Walton C, Williams H & Shorttle O

(2020) Can Volcanism Build Hydrogen-Rich Early Atmospheres?
Liggins P, Shorttle O & Rimmer P

(2019) Fe Isotope Evidence for Remnants of Early Silicate Differentiation in the Earth’s Mantle
Williams H, Matthews S, Shorttle O & Rizo H

(2019) Redox Proxy Behaviours during Partial Melting of Mantle Lithologies
Novella D, Maclennan J, Shorttle O, Prytulak J & Murton B

(2019) Iron Isotope Constraints on the Lower Mantle Structure of the Samoan Mantle Plume
Soderman C, Williams H, Shorttle O, Matthews S & Jackson M

(2019) The Roles of Source and Process in Generating Fe-Isotope Variability in Basaltic Suites: A Combined Empirical and Theoretical Approach
Matthews S, Williams H, Shorttle O, Soderman C, Maclennan J & Halldórsson S

(2019) Halogen Heterogeneity in the Icelandic Mantle Source
Waters E, Hartley M, Street K, Burgess R, Pawley A, Halldórsson SA & Shorttle O

(2018) Can We Detect Carbon Rich Mantle Reservoirs?
Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J, Rudge JF & Miller WGR

(2018) Finding Geochemical Fingerprints of Melt Transport Processes
Shorttle O, Rudge J, Katz R & Maclennan J

(2018) Primordial and Recycled Noble Gases in the Deep Mantle
Street K, Hartley M, Holland G, Burgess R, Waters E, Shorttle O & Haldorsson SA

(2018) Mantle Heterogeneity in Mid-Ocean Ridge Lavas: The Melting Column as a Filter
Bo T, Katz R, Shorttle O & Rudge J

(2018) The Refractory Fraction of Sulfur and Other Elements in Extrasolar Systems
Kama M, Jermyn A, Shorttle O, Folsom C, Furuya K & Bergin E

(2018) Variations in the Oxygen Fugacity of the Upper Mantle due to Solid-Solid Phase Equilibria and Partial Melting
Stolper E & Shorttle O

(2018) Iron Isotope and Fe3+/Fetotal Hetereogenity Preserved on Inter-Eruption Lengthscales in Iceland
Williams H, Matthews S, Shorttle O, Maclennan J & Halldórsson S

(2017) The Roles of Degassing and Mixing on Volatile-Trace Element Systematics: Implications for Global Carbon Budgets
Matthews S, Shorttle O, Rudge JF & Maclennan J

(2017) High CO2/Ba Ratios Measured in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from Midfell, Iceland
Miller W, Maclennan J & Shorttle O

(2017) Evaluating Mantle Oxygen Fugacity Proxies along the Reykjanes Ridge
Novella D, Prytulak J, Maclennan J, Shorttle O & Murton B

(2015) Solid-Earth Oxygen Cycling Revealed by Enriched Mantle Domains
Shorttle O, Moussallam Y, Hartley M, Maclennan J, Edmonds M & Murton B

(2015) The Composition of Melts from a Heterogeneous Mantle: Application of a Thermodynamic Model
Jennings ES, Holland TJ, Shorttle O, Gibson SA & Maclennan J

(2014) Geochemical Variability in Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts: Making the Link between Global and Local Datasets
Shorttle O, Maclennan J & Murton B

(2012) Compositional Trends of Icelandic Basalts: Implications for Short- Length Scale Lithological Heterogeneity in Mantle Plumes
Shorttle O & Maclennan J

(2011) The Generation of Geochemical Asymmetry in MORB Around Iceland by Radially Symmetric Plume Flow Under an Asymmetric Ridge System
Shorttle O & Maclennan J

(2010) Spreading Ridge Geometry Controls the Symmetry of Plume-Ridge Interaction
Shorttle O & Maclennan J

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