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All abstracts by Gen Shimoda in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Tectonic Control on Melting Condition of Heterogeneous Plume: Implications for the Cause of High 3He/4He Ratio of FOZO
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2019) Role of Serpentinite Dehydration for Production of Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Mantle
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2017) An Estimation of Chemical Variation of Altered Oceanic Crsut: Implocation for Isotoic Heterogeniety of Recycled Materials
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2016) Molybdenum Isotopes in Marine Hydrothermal Mn Deposits
Goto K, Shimoda G, Anbar A, Gordon G, Harigane Y, Senda R, Suzuki K & Hein J

(2015) Geochemical Linkage between HIMU-Fozo-Prema OIB and Compositional Diversity of Recycled Oceanic Crust
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2014) Uranium Isotope in Ferromanganese Crusts: Implications for the Marine 238U/235U Isotope System
Goto K, Anbar A, Gordon G, Romaniello S, Shimoda G, Takaya Y, Tokumaru A, Nozaki T, Suzuki K, Machida S, Hanyu T & Usui A

(2013) FOZO-Himu Connection: Link to Chemical Heterogeneity of MORB and Variable Degree of Dehydration
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2011) Effect of Thickness of Oceanic Lithosphere on Chemical Composition of OIBs: Implication for Origin of the South Pacific Magmatism
Shimoda G

(2010) Chemical Variation of Adakites: A Clue to the Origin of EM1 and EM2 Reservoirs
Shimoda G

(2009) An Old HIMU Seamount Chain Near the Japan Trench: Implications for Temporal Isotopic Variation of a Superplume
Shimoda G, Ishizuka O, Yamashita K, Yoshitake M, Ogasawara M & Yuasa M

(2008) Sulfur Solubility to Basaltic Magma and Fractional Crystallization of Silicate Minerals: Clues to the Origin of HIMU and FOZO Sources
Shimoda G & Kogiso T

(2007) Geochemical Study on Bousei, Hotta and Smetanin Seamounts Near the Japan Trench in Northeastern Pacific Ocean
Shimoda G, Ishizuka O, Yamashita K, Yoshitake M, Ogasawara M & Yuasa M

(2006) REE and Nd isotopic composition of martian crust
Shimoda G & Ikeda Y

(2006) Isotopic compositions of noble gas and carbon in the Archean carbonatites from the Sillinjärvi mine, central Finland
Matsumoto T, Maruoka T, Matsuda J, Shimoda G, Yamamoto K, Morishita T & Arai S

(2004) Source Material of Naklite Magmas: Implications from Y000749
Shimoda G, Ikeda Y, Kita N, Morishita Y & Imae N

(2003) Genetic Relation between Nakhlites and Shergottites: Implications from REE Compositions of Martian Meteorites
Shimoda G, Ikeda Y, Kita N, Morishita Y & Imae N

(2003) Evolution of Ureilites by 26Al Heating of the Parent Body
Kita N, Ikeda Y, Togashi S, Shimoda G, Morishita Y & Weisberg M

(2002) Role of Adakitic Magma in Producing EMI and EMII Reservoirs
Shimoda G, Nohda S & Morishita Y

(2002) Presence of Evolved Continental Crust in Archean Pilbara Craton, Western Australia: Evidence from Re-Os Isotopic Systematics of 3.4Gyr Cherts
Suzuki K, Shimizu H, Okamoto M, Hattori Y, Minami M & Shimoda G

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