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All abstracts by Tomoyuki Shibata in conference series: Goldschmidt

The Genesis of Andesite Magma Inferred from Major and Trace Element Compositions of Amphibole
Okada I, Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Sugimoto T & Hayasaka Y

The Contribution of Crust to the Genesis of Rhyolitic Magma from the Hime-Shima Volcanic Group
Hirayama T, Shibata T & Yoshikawa M

High Nb Basalt Like Signatures from SW Japan Volcanics
Dey B, Shibata T & Yoshikawa M

(2018) Near-Trench Alkaline Basaltic Magmatism in Miocene SW Japan
Shinjoe H, Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Orihashi Y & Sudo M

(2016) Trace Element Signature for Fluid-Inclusion Bearing Olivines in the Pinatubo Harzburgite Xenolith
Yoshikawa M, Shibata T, Kawamoto T, Arau S, John Rivera D, Bariso EB, Okuno M & Kobayashi T

(2016) The Magmatic Evolution of Quaternary Lavas of Sakurajima Volcano, Kyushu Island, Japan
Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Kobayashi T, Miki D & Takemura K

(2016) Geochemical and Sr-Nd Isotopic Characteristics of the Deji Ophiolite Massif, Yarlung-Zangbo Suture Zone
Dilek Y, Yoshikawa M, Shibata T, Xie Y & Liu F

(2016) New Evidence of Early Triassic Volcanism in the Southern Alps: Basic Dykes in Valsugana (Italy)
Bianchini G, Natali C, Shibata T & Yoshikawa M

(2015) Melt Extraction and Metasomatism Recorded in Basal Peridotites, Oman Ophiolite
Yoshikawa M, Python M, Tamura A, Arai S, Takazawa E, Shibata T, Ueda A & Sato T

(2015) Fractionation of Garnet and Amphibole of Pre-Komitake Prior to Fuji and Komitake Volcanoes, Japan
Shibata T, Mitsuhiro Y, Fujii T & Nakada S

(2014) Quaternary Magma Genesis of Kyushu Arc, SW Japan; Infered from along Arc Geochemical Variations
Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Itoh J, Ujike O, Miyoshi M & Takemura K

(2012) Melt Inclusions in Zircon from the Migmatite Zone, Ryoke Belt, Japan
Kawakami T, Yamaguchi I, Miyake A, Maki K, Shibata T, Yokoyama TD & Hirata T

(2011) Zircon Behavior in the Upper Amphibolite Facies Polymetamorphic Terrane, Ryoke Belt, Japan
Kawakami T, Yamaguchi I, Yokoyama TD, Maki K, Hirata T & Shibata T

(2010) The Geochemical Characteristics of Quaternary Adakitic Magma from Futagoyama Volcano, Northeast Kyushu, Japan
Shibata T & Miyoshi M

(2009) Melt Extraction and Multiple Metasomatism beneath French Massif Central: Geochemical and Isotopic Signatures of Ultramafic Xenoliths
Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Shibata T & Yamamoto J

(2009) Sr-Nd Isotopic Ratios of Wakurayama Dacite as Adakite from the Matsue City, Inner Zone of Southwest Japan Arc
Sato D, Shibata T, Kamei A & Matsumoto I

(2007) Genesis of Tholeiitic and Calcalcaline Series of Zao Volcano, NE Japan Arc, Japan
Shibata T, Tatsumi Y & Sakayori A

(2004) Subduction Processes Associated with Back-Arc Opening; Hf Isotope Study of Tertiary NE Japan Arc
Hanyu T, Tatsumi Y, Nakai S, Shibata T, Yoshikawa M, Chang Q, Sato K & Yoshida T

(2004) The Heterogeneous Hawaiian Plume
Johnson K, Ren Z, Takahashi E, Shibata T & Chang Q

(2003) Geochemical Study of Tholeiitic Lavas from the Submarine Hana Ridge, Haleakala Volcano, Hawaii
Ren Z, Takahashi E, Johson K, Shibata T, Yoshikawa M & Orihashi Y

(2003) Precise Determination of REE and Y in GSJ Standard Rock Samples JP-1 (Peridotite) by Microconcentric Desolvating Nebulisation ICP-MS
Chang Q, Shibata T, Shinotsuka K, Yoshikawa M & Tatsumi Y

(2003) Noble Gas Solubility in Silicate Melts: Relation between the Solubility and Melt Structure
Shibata T

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