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All abstracts by Yanan Shen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Improved Ion-Exchange Procedures for Multiple Transition Metal Isotope Proxy Studies
Sun M, Archer C, Vance D & Shen Y

(2017) XANES Evidence of Cr Species in Carbonates: Implication for the Use of Cr Isotope as a Proxy for Atmospheric Oxygenation
Fang Z, Qin L, Wei S, Yao T, Liu W, Shen Y & Zhou G

(2017) Redox Evolution of the Ediacaran Ocean and Atmosphere Constrained by Chromium Isotopes
He X, Fang Z, Gao Y, Shen Y & Qin L

(2017) Nitrogen Isotope Evidence for Nitrogen Cycle and Redox Variations in the Nanhua Basin during Cryogenian Non-Glacial Period
Wang D, Zhu X, Yan B & Shen Y

(2015) Carbon Isotopic Records in 1.6-1.0 Ga Sediments from Yanshan Area, Northern China Providing New Insight into Environmental Changes in Mesoproterozoic
Zhang T, Wang T & Shen Y

(2015) Phanerozoic Trends in Seawater Nitrogen Isotope Composition from Geoporphyrins
Henkes G, Shen J, Naafs D, Idiz E, Shen Y, Wankel S & Pearson A

(2014) High-resolution δ13Ccarb Records from the Tarim Basin, Northwestern China Providing New Insight into the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event
Zhang T, Zhu G & Shen Y

(2013) Large Perturbations of the Carbon Cycle during the Middle-Late Ordovician in Southeastern Poland
Zhang T, Shen Y & Trela W

(2009) Testing Primary Origin and Duration of the Largest Negative δ13C Excursion in the Ediacaran Ocean: Insight from South China
Zhu M, Lü M, Shen Y, Shields G & Zhang J

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