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All abstracts by Guoyin Shen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Invited: Metastable Melting Under Compression and Decompression
Shen G

(2013) Invited: Silicate Melts Under High Pressure
Wang Y, Sakamaki T, Skinner L, Shen G, Yu T, Kono Y, Jing Z & Park C

(2013) Partitioning of Nb between Rutile and NaAlSi3O8-, NaCl- and NaF- Aqueous Fluids at 1-5 GPa and 300-600℃
Tanis E, Simon A, Tschauner O, Chow P, Xiao Y, Hanchar J, Shen G & Zhao Y

(2011) Toward a Self-Consistent Pressure Scale: Elastic Moduli and Equation of State of MgO and Ringwoodite by Simultaneous X-Ray Density and Brillouin Sound Velocity Measurements at High-P and High-T
Sinogeikin S, Lakshtanov D, Prakapenka V, Sanchez-Valle C, Wang J, Shen G & Bass J

(2011) In situ SXRF Determination of Trace Element Abundances in Aqueous Fluid at 1 – 3 GPa and 300 – 500℃: Applications to Subduction Zone Element Cycling
Simon A, Tanis E, Tschauner O, Frank M, Chow P, Xiao Y, Shen G & Hanchar J