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All abstracts by Thomas Shea in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Rheological Change and Degassing during a Trachytic Vulcanian Eruption at Kilian Volcano, Chaîne des Puys, France
Colombier M, Burgisser A, Cáceres F, Druitt T, Gurioli L, Hess K-U, Müller D, Shea T & Dingwell D

(2020) Diffusivity of Phosphorous in Olivine Revisited: A Joint Experimental and Modeling Approach
Nelson W, Hammer J, Shea T & Chakraborty S

(2020) Differences of the Crystallization and Diffusion Trends by Fo-Ni Variations
Gordeychik B, Churikova T, Shea T, Andreas K, Simakin A & Wörner G

(2020) Preservation of Mantle-Derived Recharge Signatures in Olivine during Protracted Magma Storage
Mourey A, Shea T, Costa F, Shiro B, Oalmann J, Lee L & Gansecki C

(2020) Fe-Mg Zoning in Olivine during Rapid Growth: Kinetic Effects are Small, Zoning Nearly Flatlines
Shea T & Mourey A

(2020) Experimental Examination of the Melt Embayment Method for Determining Magma Decompression Rate
deGraffenried R, Cluzel N, Shea T & Hammer J

(2020) Investigating Titanomagnetite Abundance in Rhyolite Pumice
McCartney K, Hammer J, Shea T, Giachetti T & Brachfeld S

(2019) Recharge and Remobilization of a Messy Crystal Mush Pile: The Bandelier Tuff
Boro J, Wolff J, Neill O, Ramos F & Shea T

(2019) Complex Mixing of Old and New: A Petrological Overview of the Kīlauea 2018 Eruption
Gansecki C, Lee RL, Shea T, Lundblad S, Mourey A & Trusdell F

(2018) Nucleation: An Existential Problem in an Extreme Environment
Hammer J, First E, Shea T, Leonhardi T & Brachfeld S

(2018) 3D Quantification of Olivine Growth Rates
Mourey A & Shea T

(2018) Phosphorus and Aluminum Partitioning during Olivine Growth: Both Sides of the Story
Shea T, Hammer J, Hellebrand E, Mourey A, First E, Lynn K & Costa F

(2018) Mg Diffusion in Labradorite at Hydrous Magmatic Conditions
First E, Hammer J, Shea T, Hellebrand E & Tachera D

(2018) Strain-Testing Diffusion Modeling in the Lab: Zeroing in on the Reactive Crystal-Melt Interface
Shea T, Hope I & John B

(2016) Magma Reservoir Assembly at Kilauea Volcano: Insights from Chemical Zoning in Olivine
Lynn K, Garcia M, Shea T, Costa F & Swanson D

(2014) Discriminating Secondary from Primary Water in Rhyolitic Matrix-Glass of Volcanic Pyroclasts Using Thermogravimetric Analysis
Giachetti T, Gonnermann HM, Gardner JE & Shea T

(2014) Accurate and Precise Timescales from Olivine Diffusion-Modeling: A 3D Perspective
Shea T, Hammer J, Krimer D & Costa F

(2014) Quantification of Feldspar Nucleation Rates in Magmas Accross the P-T Space
Shea T & Hammer J

(2011) Rates of Oxidation in CSPV Experiments Involving H2O-Bearing Mafic Magmas
Shea T & Hammer J

(2011) Conduit-Scale to Localized Degassing in Ascending Magmas: Insights from Cl Measurements in Vesuvius 79AD Pumice
Gurioli L, Shea T, Hellebrand E & Hammer J

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