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All abstracts by Thomas G. Sharp in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2010) Transformation Kinetics for Olivine with ~75 ppm H2O into Ringwoodite
Du Frane W, Sharp T, Mosenfelder J & Leinenweber K

(2008) Emplacement of Regional High-Silica Deposits on Mars
Kraft M, Michalski J, Rampe E & Sharp T

(2008) The Effects of Chemical Weathering on Bulk Chemistry Derived from TIR Spectral Models
Rampe E, Kraft M, Rogers AD & Sharp T

(2007) Basalt Weathering at High-Latitude Regions on Mars
Kraft M, Sharp T, Michalski J & Rampe E

(2007) Subduction of Hydrated Lithosphere: 300 ppm H2O in Subducting Olivine Would Eliminate the Metastable Olivine Wedge
Sharp T, Diedrich T, Marton F & Wyatt D

(2006) Mineralogy and Microtexture of Weathered Basalt Effect TIR Spectra
Sharp T, Kraft M, Michalski J & Rampe E

(2006) Assessing martian surface alteration from thermal infrared observations
Michalski J, Kraft M & Sharp T

(2006) Effects of secondary material on thermal emission spectra of primary minerals in controlled mixing experiments
Rampe E, Kraft M, Sharp T & Michalski J

(2006) Linking Mineralogy and Microtexture to Thermal Infrared Spectra of Weathered Basalt
Kraft M, Michalski J, Sharp T & Rampe E

(2006) Low pH weathering of Mars analog lithologies: Thermodynamic modeling.
McAdam A, Zolotov M, Mironenko M, Leshin L & Sharp T

(2002) High P and T Partitioning of Au: Constraints on Core Formation
Danielson L, Sharp T & Hervig R

(2002) High-Pressure Mineral Assemblages in Shocked Chondritic Meteorites: A Window to Constituents in Earth’s Transition Zone and Lower Mantle
Sharp TG & El Goresy A

(2001) Partitioning of Gold in Sulfide-Silicate Melts at High Pressures: Implications for Core Formation of the Earth
Danielson LR, Sharp TG & Hervig RL

(2000) A New Natural Dense Polymorph of Rutile with the *-PbO2 Structure in Shocked Gneisses from the Ries Meteorite Crater, Germany
El Goresy A, Gillet P, Chen M, Dubrovinsky L & Sharp TG

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