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All abstracts by Mukul Sharma in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Ultra-Sensitive Determination of Femtogram Quantities of Osmium Isotopes in Greenland Snow Samples
Shin D, Han C, Seo J-H, Sharma M, Hur SD & Hong S

(2019) Utilizing Clay Minerals to Remove Atmospheric CO2
Sharma M

(2019) GEOTRACES: Inspired by GEOSECS to Investigate Trace Elements and their Isotopes in the Ocean
Anderson R, Francois R, Frank M, Henderson G, Jeandel C & Sharma M

(2018) Application of ICP-Qqq to Isotope Tracer Studies
Jackson B, Sharma M, Seo J-H & Strauss J

(2018) Carbon Isotope Composition of Organo-Clay Nanocomposites in Overmature Devonian Marcellus Shale
Niu D, Sharma M, Feng X & Renock D

(2018) Degassing and Emptying of the Laacher See Magma Chamber Seen in a Greenland Ice Core
Seo J-H, Han C, Steffensen JP, Hong S & Sharma M

(2016) Dating the Dramatic and Dynamic in the Neoproterozoic: New Re-Os Age Constraints and Paleoweathering Proxy Data
Rooney A, Strauss J, Hodgin E, Selby D, Sharma M, Dehler C, Karlstrom K, Cohen P & Macdonald F

(2015) Reductive Weathering of Black Shale during Hydraulic Fracturing and Release of Barium
Renock D, Sharma M & Landis J

(2014) Diagenetic Transformation of Barite to Pyrite: Clues from in situ S Isotopes in Devonian Marcellus Shale
Renock D, Sharma M, Whitehouse M, Landis J, Niu D & Symcox C

(2014) Salt Marsh Sediment as Source of Osmium to the Oceans
Almécija C, Sharma M, Cobelo A, Santos-Echeandía J & Caetano M

(2014) Determination of PGE Concentrations and Osmium Isotopes in Sea Ice Using Isotope Dilution ICP-SFMS and N-TIMS
Seo J-H, Jackson B & Sharma M

(2014) Post-Depositional Sedimentary Transport Biases Marine K-Pg Impact Iridium Fluences
Moore J & Sharma M

(2012) Osmium Contamination of Seawater Samples Stored in Polyethylene Bottles
Sharma M, Chen C, Blazina T & Landau K

(2011) Fractionation of 238U/235U during Weathering and Hydrothermal Alteration
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M, Georg B, Rausch S & Bach W

(2009) Variations of the 238U/235U Isotope Composition in Rivers
Noordmann J, Weyer S, Sharma M & Georg B

(2008) Signals of Anthropogenic Os in Surface Waters from Precipitation
Chen C & Sharma M

(2007) How Well do We Know the Initial Nd Isotopic State of the Earth?
Sharma M & Andreasen R

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