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All abstracts by Angelia Seyfferth in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Carbon Flux and Export from a Temperate Tidal Salt Marsh: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Vargas R, Capooci M, Seyfferth A, Trifunovic B, Vazquez-Lule A & Wozniak A

(2019) Silicon Induces Inorganic Arsenic Release from Soil Solids
Dykes G, Seyfferth A & Chari N

(2018) Silicon as a Driver of Rice Paddy Microbial Arsenic Methylater Communities
Dykes G & Seyfferth A

(2018) Interactions of Silicon and Arsenic in Rice
Limmer M & Seyfferth A

(2018) Inverse Availability between Cd and As to Rice Across Redox Gradients
Limmer M & Seyfferth A

(2017) Tipping the Balance: How Si Addition to Rice Paddy Soil Promotes As Methylation and Affects As Bioavailability in the Rice Rhizosphere
Seyfferth A, Dykes G & Limmer M

(2017) Organic Arsenic Uptake by Rice: Interactions with Silicon
Limmer M, Wise P, Dykes G & Seyfferth A

(2016) How Management Practices Influence Fe Plaque Mineral Composition and As Cycling in Rice Paddies
Seyfferth A, Teasley W, Limmer M, Amaral D & Dykes G

(2014) Impacts of Altered Silicon on Soil Biogeochemistry and Plant-Uptake of Arsenic in Flooded Rice Paddy Soil
Seyfferth A, Penido E, Gill R, Paukett M & Li G

(2010) Arsenic Localization, Speciation, and Co-occurrence with Fe on Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Roots with Variable Fe Plaque Coatings
Seyfferth A, Webb S, Andrews J & Fendorf S

(2009) Silicate Mineral Impacts on Arsenic Accumulation in Rice
Seyfferth A & Fendorf S

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