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All abstracts by Silke Severmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Dominance of Benthic Fluxes in the Oceanic Beryllium Budget and Implications for Paleo-Denudation Records
Deng K, Rickli J, Suhrhoff TJ, Du J, Scholz F, Severmann S, Yang S, McManus J & Vance D

(2022) Iron Sources and Cycling over the Cenozoic: Evolution of the Iron Cycle in the South Pacific and Southern Ocean
Tegler LA, Horner T, Nielsen SG, Severmann S, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Dunlea A

(2022) Fingerprinting Subtle Redox Fluctuations Using Vanadium Isotopes
Li S, Newby SM, Severmann S, McManus J & Owens JD

(2021) Chromium Burial in Continental Margin Sediments
Bruggmann S, Szymanowski D, Severmann S, Schoene B & McManus J

(2021) Sediment Biogeochemistry and Trace Metal Fluxes Near the Thwaites and Pine Island Glaciers, Amundsen Sea
Herbert LC, Lepp A, Simkins L, Wellner J, Severmann S & Sherrell RM

(2020) Marine Sediments as a Source of Dissolved Nickel to the Global Ocean
Bruggmann S, Severmann S & McManus J

(2019) Bioavailable Fe Supply by Aeolian Dust to the North Atlantic
Lee B, Owens J, Raiswell R, Severmann S, Sadler P & Lyons T

(2019) Chromium in the Black Sea
Severmann S, Bruggmann S, Goring-Harford H, James R & Slomp C

(2019) Isotopically Light Cd in Sediments Underlying Oxygen Deficient Zones
Little SH, Chen L, Kreissig K, Severmann S & McManus J

(2019) Redox Conditions in the Black Sea during Eemian and Holocene Sapropel Formation
Wegwerth A, Eckert S, Dellwig O, Schnetger B, Severmann S, Weyer S, Brüske A, Kaiser J, Köster J, Arz HW & Brumsack H-J

(2019) The Output of Nickel from the Ocean to Reducing Sediments
Chatterjee A, Ciscato ER, Little SH, Severmann S, Mcmanus J & Vance D

(2018) The Isotope Signature of Benthic Fe Cycling in Glacially Influenced Fjord Sediments
Wehrmann L, Severmann S, Riedinger N, Formolo M & Lyons T

(2018) Transfer of Iron from Continental Shelves to Anoxic Basins: A Comparison of the Black Sea and Baltic Sea
Lenstra W, Seguret M, Hermans M, Groeneveld R, van Helmond N, Witbaard R, Severmann S & Slomp C

(2018) Uranium Recycling along the Namibia Continental Margin
Abshire M, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Cofrancesco J & Riedinger N

(2017) The Shelf-To-Basin Iron Shuttle in the Black Sea Revisited
Lenstra W, Seguret M, Hermans M, Witbaard R, Kraal P, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Teaca A, Behrends T, Dijkstra N & Slomp C

(2017) Trace Metal Dynamics in the Water Column along a Shelf-To-Basin Transect in the Black Sea
Séguret M, Lenstra W, Hermans M, Dijkstra N, Kuzminov A, Severmann S, Rijkenberg M, Laan P & Slomp C

(2016) Implications of Highly Reactive Iron Distributions in Long-Range Transport of Aeolian Dust
Lee B, Owens J, Severmann S & Lyons T

(2013) Microbial Sulfur Cycling in the Modern Black Sea
Gilhooly W, Johnston D, Farquhar J, Severmann S, Böttcher M, Gill B, Kamyshny A & Lyons T

(2013) Iron Supply and Cycling on the Oregon-California Shelf: Comparisons with the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone
McManus J, Roy M, Severmann S, Chase Z, Berelson W, Reimers C, Goni M, Abbott A & Muratli J

(2013) Silica and Germanium Cycling in a Coastal Shelf Environment: Insights from Northern Gulf of Mexico
Baronas JJ, Hammond DE, Berelson WM, McManus J & Severmann S

(2012) Spatial and Temporal Trends of Iron and Iron Isotope Cycling in the Peruvian Oxygen Minimum Zone
Scholz F, Hensen C, Severmann S, Noffke A, Haley B, McManus J, Schneider R & Wallmann K

(2012) The Iron Isotopic Imprint of Benthic Iron Release in Suspended Particles from the African Oxygen Minimum Zone
Severmann S, Ohnemus D & Lam PJ

(2012) Natural Fe Fertilization Mechanisms in the Amundsen Sea Polynya, Antarctica
Sherrell R, Severmann S, Lagerstrom M, Esswein K, Ndungu K, Andersson P, Stammerjohn S & Yager P

(2011) Chemocline Oscillations in the Black Sea Documented by Sedimentary Iron Isotopes and Trace Metal Patterns
Eckert S, Schnetger B, Fröllje H, Severmann S, Montoya-Pino C, Weyer S, Köster J, Arz H & Brumsack H-J

(2010) Of Modern Lakes and Ancient Oceans: Trace Metals and their Isotopes in an Anoxic African Rift Lake
Severmann S, McManus J, Poulson-Brucker R, Owen J, Lyons T, Anbar A & Gordon G

(2010) Hydrothermal Contributions to Oceanic Anoxic Event 2? – Evidence from Trace Metals
Li X, Severmann S, Owens J & Sageman B

(2009) Abiotic Fe Isotope Fractionation during Sulfide Mediated Reductive Dissolution of Fe Oxide Minerals
McAnena A, Severmann S & Poulton S

(2009) Diverse Pathways of Sulfur Cycling in the Modern Black Sea Captured in Rare Sulfur Isotope Signatures
Gilhooly W, Johnston D, Farquhar J, Severmann S & Lyons T

(2006) The isotopic expression of Fe shuttling in modern and ancient euxinic sediments: implications for the rise of oxygen
Severmann S, Lyons TW, Duan Y, Anbar A, Gordon G & McManus J

(2005) Molybdenum and Molybdenum Isotope Diagenesis in Continental Margin Settings: Geochemical Balance and Paleoproxy Implications
McManus J, Siebert C, Poulson R, Nägler T, Berelson W & Severmann S

(2004) Molybdenum, Uranium, and Vanadium Diagenesis in Marine Sedimentary Systems: Relation to Organic Carbon Flux and Isotopic Constraints on Mo Diagenesis
McManus J, Siebert C, Bice A, Severmann S & Berelson W

(2003) The Modification of Hydrothermal Fe-Isotopic Signature during Plume-Processes
Severmann S, German C, Edmonds H, Beard B & Johnson C

(2002) Hydrothermal Clays as Tracers of Seafloor Sulphide Mound Evolution
Mills RA, Severmann S, Palmer MR & Fallick AE

(2002) The Isotopic Signature of Fe-Mineralisation during Early Diagenesis
Severmann S, Larsen O, Palmer MR & Nüster J

(2002) Chromatographic Extraction of Fe from Seawater and its Impact on Fe Isotope Fractionation
Warwick PE, Severmann S & Palmer MR

(2000) The Geomicrobiology of a Relict Sulphide Deposit: Extending the Boundaries of the Submarine Hydrothermal Ecosystem
Severmann S, Parkes RJ, Cragg BA, Telling J, Rhodes J, Mills RA & Palmer MR

(2000) The Geochemistry of a Relict Hydrothermal Deposit: Effects of Low Temperature Alteration
Severmann S, Mills RA & Palmer MR

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