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All abstracts by René P. Schwarzenbach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) Electron Donating Properties of Humic Substances and Implications for Pollutant Phototransformation
Sander M, Wenk J, Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP, von Gunten U, Salhi E & Canonica S

(2011) Electron and Proton Transfer Equilibria of Reducible Moieties in Humic Substances
Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Importance of Soil Organic Matter to Sorption of Insecticidal Cry Proteins
Tomaszewski JE, Madliger M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Electrochemical Characterization of Humic Substance Redox Properties
Aeschbacher M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Effect of Humic Acid Redox Status on the Sorption of Organic Pollutants
Aeschbacher M, Brunner S, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation during the Oxidation of Substituted Anilines at Manganese Oxides
Skarpeli-Liati M, Schwarzenbach RP & Hofstetter TB

(2009) Adsorption of Transgenic Cry1Ab Protein to the Silica-Water Interface
Madliger M, Schwarzenbach RP & Sander M

(2009) Assessing the Redox Reactivity of Nitroaromatic Compounds and Polychlorinated Ethanes with Structural Iron in Smectites
Neumann A, Hofstetter TB, Cirpka OA, Petit S & Schwarzenbach RP

(2008) Assessing Natural Attenuation of a PCE-Contaminated Aquifer Using a Combined CSIA and Groundwater Dating Approach
Aeppli C, Amaral H, Berg M, Kipfer R, Hofstetter TB & Schwarzenbach RP

(2008) Assessing Redox Reactions and Light-Induced Transformations of Organic Water Contaminants Using Multi-Element Kinetic Isotope Effects
Hofstetter T, Hartenbach A & Schwarzenbach R

(2005) Coupling Biogeochemical Fe(III) Oxide Reduction and Contaminant Transformation
Tobler NB, Hofstetter TB, Fontana D & Schwarzenbach RP

(2004) A New Procedure to Evaluate Isotope Fractionation in Contaminants
Elsner M, Hirschorn S, Zwank L, Hunkeler D, Sherwood Lollar B & Schwarzenbach R

(2002) Abiotic Dehalogenation of Aliphatic Contaminants in Heterogeneous Fe(II)/Fe(III) Systems
Haderlein SB, Elsner M, Erbs M, Hofstetter T, Pecher K & Schwarzenbach RP

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