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All abstracts by Michael Schubert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Water-Air Partitioning of ²²²Rn and its Dependence on Water Salinity
Schubert M, Paschke A, Lieberman E & Burnett W

(2017) Rn-222 Surveys for the Detection of Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Why did the Tracer Fail in the Eckernförde Bay?
Scholten J, Kreuzburg M, Petermann E, Paiva M, Koehler D, Schlueter M, Rapaglia J & Schubert M

(2013) Rn in Water Detection by LSC – Sample Volume Optimization
Schubert M & Kopitz J

(2011) The Dependence of ²²²Radon Air-Water Partitioning on Water Temperature and Water Salinity
Schubert M & Paschke A

(2010) Rhenium Isotope Variations in Modern Environments
Neubert N, Miller C, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B & Schubert M

(2008) Interaction of Dissolved and Sedimentary Sulfur Species in a Contaminated Aquifer: Insights from Stable Isotope Analysis
Knoeller K & Schubert M

(2007) Using 222Rn for Assessing Nutrient Transfer into the Sea via SGD
Schubert M, Schmidt A, Scholten J, Rutgers van der Loeff M & Schlüter M

(2007) Using 222Rn as Environmental Tracer for Assessing Groundwater / Surface Water Interaction
Schmidt A & Schubert M

(2004) Detecting Pyrolysis Products from Bacteria in a Mars Soil Analogue
Glavin D, Cleaves J, Schubert M, Aubrey A, Buch A, Mahaffy P & Bada J

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