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All abstracts by Martin Schoonen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) X-Ray Spectromicroscopy on Rocks Relevant to Mars Return Samples
Thieme J, Trewhella C, Hurowitz J & Schoonen M

(2018) Multimodal Imaging of a Banded Iron Formation Sample
Schoonen M, Thieme J, Northrup P, Jaret S, McKeeby B, Glotch T, Young J, Yesiltas M & Ohmoto H

(2017) X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging and Spectroscopy with Sub-µm and Sub-100nm Spatial Resolution for Mineralogy and Geochemistry
Thieme J, Williams G, Chen-Wiegart Y-C, Bowerman B, Hurowitz J, Glotch T, Legett C, Schoonen M & Coates J

(2017) Pulmonary Inflammatory Responses to Acute Meteorite Dust Exposures – Implications for Human Space Exploration
Harrington A, McCubbin F, Kaur J, Smirnov A, Galdanes K, Schoonen M, Chen L-C, Tsirka S & Gordon T

(2014) Surface Charge of Anatase at High Ionic Strength
Schoonen M & Strongin D

(2014) Mineral-Based Free Radical Formation: Analytical Challenges, Process-Level Understanding, and Implications for Human Health
Schoonen M & Tsirka S-A

(2014) Hydroxyl Radical Formation and Trichloroethylene Degradation in Pyrite-Chalcopyrite Dispersions
Kaur J & Schoonen M

(2012) Lung Fluid-Mineral Interaction: Experimental Challenges and Outcomes
Schoonen M & Harrington A

(2012) Manganese, Fenton Chemistry, and Disease: The Proof is in the Inflammation
Harrington AD, Tsirka SE & Schoonen MAA

(2010) Nitrogen Reduction on Metal Sulfide Surfaces Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Strongin D, Gordon A & Schoonen M

(2009) An in Vivo and in Vitro Evaluation of Mineral-Induced Formation of Reactive Oxygen Species
Hylton S, Schoonen M & Tsirka S

(2009) Detecting Asbestos-Promoted •OH Using APF
Fokin M, Cohn C, Hylton S & Schoonen M

(2007) Abiotic Nitrogen Reduction in Hadean Hydrothermal Systems
Smirnov A, Hausner D, Laffers R, McCubbin F, Strongin D & Schoonen M

(2004) Molecular-Scale Analysis of Adsorbed and Decomposed RNA on the Surfaces of Minerals
Cohn C & Schoonen M

(2001) Pyrite-Induced Hydrogen Peroxide Formation as a Driving Force in the Evolution of Photosynthetic Organisms on an Early Earth
Borda MJ, Elsetinow AR, Schoonen MA & Strongin DR

(2001) Di-Nitrogen Reduction to Ammonia with Hydrogen Sulfide as Reductant Under Hydrothermal Conditions: Implications for the Prebiotic Synthesis of C-H-O-N Compounds
Schoonen MAA & Xu Y

(2001) Dissipation of Thermal and Chemical Disequilibrium in Hot Springs: Big Boiler, Lassen Volcanic National Park
Mathon BR & Schoonen MAA

(2000) The Influence of Light and Heat on Pyrite Oxidation between pH 2 and 6
Schoonen M, Strongin D, Elsetinow A & Borda M

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