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All abstracts by Paul F. Schofield in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Zn Immobilization by Lumbricus Terrestris Calcium Carbonate Biomineralized Granules
Brinza L, Mosselmans JFW, Schofield PF, Donner E, Lombi E & Hodson ME

(2013) The Oxidation State of Uranium in Basaltic Magmas
Halse H, Berry A, Schofield P, Mosselmans F, Kvashnina K & Cibin G

(2011) Strontium Incorporation into Carbonate Granules Secreted by Earthworms
Brinza L, Mosselmans FW, Schofield P, Quinn PD & Hodson ME

(2011) The Oxidation State of Ti in Synthetic and Meteoritic Hibonite
Doyle P, Berry A, Schofield P, Mosselmans F, Smith A, Scholl A & Young T

(2011) Atomic Force Microscopy Study of the Dissolution of a Calcite Surface in the Presence of Phosphate Ions
Klasa J, Ruiz-Agudo E, Putnis CV, Putnis A, Schofield P & Valsami-Jones E

(2008) Chemical and Valence State Imaging of Mineral Intergrowths Using X-Ray Photo-Emission Electron Microscopy
Schofield P, Smith A & Scholl A

(2005) Nucleation and Growth of Nano-Apatite: Applications to Biomineralisation
Schofield P, Valsami-Jones E, Sneddon R, Wilson J, Kirk C, Terrill N, Martin C, Lammie D & Wess T

(2004) Controls on Calcium Phosphate Cluster Formation
Valsami-Jones E, Schofield P, Terrill N & Martin C

(2001) The Identification of Mixed-Metal Hydroxylapatites in Soils
Lanfranco AM, Schofield PF, Valsami-Jones E, Hodson ME & Murphy PJ

(2001) Direct Measurement of Elastic Strain Partitioning between Mantle Minerals
Stretton IC, Covey-Crump SJ, Schofield PF, Daymond MR & Knight KS

(2001) Uranium(VI)-Citrate Speciation — pH and Temperature Dependence
Schofield PF, Bailey EH & Mosselmans JFW

(2000) An XAS Study of the pH and Temperature Dependence of Uranium Speciation in Acetate and Citrate Solutions
Bailey E, Mosselmans F & Schofield P

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